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Image of a Department of Environmental Protection staff member using a heat thermometer.
May 15, 2013
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Please note: This program is no longer being offered. Please visit the Montgomery County Public Libraries page to search for energy tools available for check out, such as the Kill-a-Watt meter (search “kill a watt” with no hyphens).


On Saturday, May 11 Bethesda Green and the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection launched the Energy Awareness Tool Lending Library that enables residents to borrow tools that help identify energy efficiency opportunities in homes and businesses.

Tools available in the library include:

  • Kill-a-Watt Meters for identifying energy “vampires”
  • IR Thermometers for identifying heating and cooling losses through leaks and drafts
  • Light meters for determining the most energy efficient and proper light level for home or business
  • Ballast checkers for identifying old, inefficient fluorescent lighting fixtures
  • Digital “heat watch” for making minor tweaks to thermostats and dehumidification. The watch has a thermometer and hygrometer.


Image of energy tools available for loan to the public.

Energy awareness tools that are available for loan.


Susanna Parker of Bethesda Green and Eric Coffman of the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection launched the Lending Library at the Solar and Green Home Expo. They provided a “how-to” demonstration and introduced attendees of the Expo to these helpful, energy-saving devices.

Each tool in the Lending Library comes with simple instructions, sample exercises, energy efficiency tips and a feedback card so others can learn about energy savings opportunities consumers are finding in their communities.


How to Borrow an Energy Tool

The tools are available for loan by simply visiting Bethesda Green and providing a simple deposit via cash or check.


Bethesda Green LogoWhen you return the equipment your deposit will be returned to you.

Learn more about the Energy Awareness Tool Lending Library.

Additional lending libraries may be established at other local green organizations in the near future.

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