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November 29, 2013
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The moment is different for everyone – for some it happens on vacation at a park or exotic place, or in a classroom, or on the couch talking to your family. But that moment when you realize how important the environment is and your ability to affect it (and affect change) is monumental.  And that moment, that feeling, should be shared with others.

Thanks to the National Environmental Education Foundation, you can now do just that.

NEEF has launched a new initiative called “My Earth Changing Moment“.  It is all about sharing that a-ha moment that taught you about the environment you live in, changed your perspective or inspired you to do something differently for the environment.

Earth Changing Moment stories can be shared by video, essay or collage at

DEP staff member Doug Weisburger shared his story with My Earth Changing Moment when NEEF came to film at the Silver Spring GreenFest.


So if you’ve had that moment – when the environment became more than just what’s outside your door – share it with NEEF and the world.  Your story could be the catalyst for someone else to have their Earth Changing Moment.


Did You Post a Story?  Tell Us About It

Did you post something to My Earth Changing Moment?  Tell us about it or share the link in the comments section so we can hear the great stories from across Montgomery County.

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