Silver Spring GreenFest

Image of Montgomery County residents enjoying the green market at the Silver Spring GreenFest.
August 30, 2013
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Downtown Silver Spring is going green on Saturday, October 5th!  For the second year, Silver Spring is hosting a GreenFest with environmentally themed vendors, activities, games and educational opportunities.  The GreenFest is free to attend and open to everyone.

Building upon the success of last year, this year’s Silver Spring GreenFest will feature a full day of educational lectures and panel discussions by national and local environmental leaders.  The educational sessions will take place inside the Civic Building.

View the full schedule and event details at the Silver Spring GreenFest official page.


Image of Silver Spring GreenFest 2012

Silver Spring GreenFest 2012.


Silver Spring GreenFest Sessions:

  • Climate Change, featuring Betsy Taylor, President, Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions.
  • Building a Culture of Community and Corporate Sustainability, featuring John Mulrow, Associate Cascadia Consulting Group.
  • Nature’s Limits, featuring, David Blockstein, Senior Scientist and Director of Education, National Council for Science and Environment.
  • Diversity and the Environment, featuring Reverend Lennox Yearwood Jr., President and CEO, Hip Hop Caucus.
  • The Sustainable Food Imperative, featuring Janet Ranganathan, Vice President, Science and Research, World Resources Institute.

Each speaker is followed by a Local Solutions Panel of experts to discuss how Montgomery County citizens can implement the lessons they learned at home.  A few of the panelists include speakers from the Montgomery County Food Council, the National Environmental Education Foundation and the Nature Conservancy (to name a few!).

Attend the sessions that most appeal to you, and throughout the day participate in the games and activities on Veterans Plaza or shop the green vendors at the Fenton Street Market.

The Silver Spring GreenFest is a fun-filled day for the whole family.  Come join us as we celebrate the natural world and environment of Montgomery County, Maryland and the United States!

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