Apply for up to 80% in credit towards your Water Quality Protection Charge

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July 28, 2014

Do you have a stormwater management practice on your property?  A dry well, rain garden, green roof or another design practice that helps reduce stormwater pollution in the County?

If you have a qualified storm water practice on your property, you are eligible for a credit towards your Water Quality Protection Charge (WQPC)! Both residential and commercial properties are eligible for a credit.

Property owners have until October 31, 2014 to apply for a credit of up to 80% off their WQPC for their 2015 Tax Bill.  The application and further details can be found on the County’s WQPC website.


Image of a man cleaning weeds from his rain garden.

Rain gardens temporarily fill with water when it rains. The water will be absorbed into the soil rather than flowing into a storm drain.


What is Stormwater Management?

Stormwater management practices capture and treat rainwater so that the water does not flow directly into storm drains or streams.

Uncontrolled stormwater creates pollution problems that negatively impact our streams. Common types of stormwater management include:

    ●  Rain gardens     ●     Conservation Landscaping     ●     Dry wells       ●    Permeable pavement    ●    Rain barrels/cisterns     ●   Green roofs    ●   Dry ponds or Wet ponds    ●   Sand filters    ●   Swales     ●   Infiltration trenches   ●


Stormwater management practices remove pollutants, protect public health and prevent flooding, stream damage and erosion.  Learn more about the stormwater practices above, by downloading the Water Quality Protection Charge Credit Guide (PDF) or visiting


Image of people enjoying their conservation landscaping.

Conservation landscaping can beautify your property as well as help reduce stormwater pollution.


How Does the WQPC Credits Work?

To be eligible to receive credit towards a WQPC bill, a property owner must:

  • Maintain stormwater practice(s) in accordance with the maintenance requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Submit an application form by October 31, 2014 for the 2015 Tax Year. Accepted applications are valid for three years.
  • The amount of the credit is based on the type of stormwater management and the volume of water treated. More intensive practices, such as wet ponds, dry ponds and bioretentions treat a lot of stormwater, and therefore, give property owners a large credit. Less intensive practices, such as rain barrels, cisterns and rain gardens, provide a smaller credit.


Residential Property Owners: Apply online using the Credit Calculator.

Multi-Family and Commercial Property Owners: Apply online using the Credit Application.


Graphic of a house with multiple types of stormwater management including a rain garden, green roof, permeable pavement and a drywell.

Install a RainScape on your property to receive a WQPC credit.

Receive a Credit Towards a Future WQPC

Interested in receiving a credit but do not currently have a stormwater management practice on your property?  Visit the RainScapes program website for information on how to install rain gardens, conservation landscaping, dry wells and more.

The County’s RainScapes program offers technical and financial assistance (in the form of rebates) to encourage property owners to implement stormwater management practices on their property.

Property owners can apply for a RainScapes Rewards Rebate to help fund the cost of installing stormwater management practices.  After installing the practice(s), the property owner can then apply for a WQPC credit.

Visit for more information.


Important Information and Due Dates

  1. The deadline for the 2015 Tax Year is October 31, 2014. The WQPC deadlines are at the end of October each year and the credit applies to the following tax year.
  2. Approved applications are valid for 3 years.  If you apply by October 31, 2014, and receive the credit, you do not have to reapply until October 2017.
  3. Applications are accessed through the County’s WQPC credit website.
  4. Email with questions about the WQPC Credit program.

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  1. Thomas Hamilton says:

    I live on a 2 acre property in Ashton, Md. It is mostly wooded. Would lt qualify for a credit towards the
    water quality charge?

    1. jjones says:

      There are many different practices that can earn credit with our program. You can find the different practices here and our Residential Credit Application here​. The Due date is October 31st.

      Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

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