How to dispose of propane cylinders

August 27, 2014
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Oops! Propane cylinders and tanks are not curbside blue bin recyclables.

If you cannot return these items to a supplier for reuse, bring them to us at the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station. See propane cylinder and tank drop-off details.

We are seeing increased numbers of propane tanks coming to our Recycling Center through the curbside recycling program. So far this year, we have collected more than 3,000 propane tanks that were improperly discarded as recyclable curbside materials.

Propane cylinders and tanks are a problem because our recycling equipment is not designed to handle such materials. Also, they can create jams in the sorting process which can cause severe damage to the equipment.

Additionally, many times these small containers are still under pressure and even contain leftover propane and other substances. Those leftovers can cause explosions if the containers are damaged, potentially injuring someone if the contents begin to leak.


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One comment on "How to dispose of propane cylinders"

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    I feel happy reading the post. You explained how to dispose of a propane cylinder in detail. thanks

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