Heading to Aspen Hill? Check Out our storm drain art!

Storm drain art
May 2, 2014
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Turtles, fish, dogs….. Go on an art adventure at the Aspen Hill library!

If you’re headed to the library, try to find the 3 storm drains painted with wildlife and positive environmental messages.  The storm drain art provides colorful messages about preventing litter and pet waste in our streams and teaches that these storm drains lead to nearby Rock Creek.  It is everyone’s responsibility to help protect our local rivers and streams.



The storm drain art project is a joint pilot project of the Department of Environmental Protection and Rock Creek Conservancy.


Image of Aspen Hill Library


The storm drain art was painted with the help of volunteers, including Stream Stewards.  If you’re interested in becoming a Stream Steward, email stream.stewards@montgomerycountymd.gov.


Image of the storm drain art project

Image of storm drain art

Image of the Aspen Hill Library

Aspen Hill Library

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