When local “Greens” work together, the public wins

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March 30, 2014
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For the past year and half, Chesapeake Bay Area Greens have been meeting to figure out how best to coordinate our efforts. These groups include Annapolis Green, Bethesda Green, Green Gaithersburg, GreenWheaton, Silver Spring Green, Poolesville Green, and our most recent addition, Baltimore Green Works. While we’ve all supported each other’s efforts in the past, we’ve never held a truly collaborative event before. This will change on April 10th when Bethesda Green, GreenWheaton and Silver Spring Green (in partnership with the other Greens) host a FREE informative panel discussion on Demystifying Clean Green Energy.

Photograph of members of SIlver Spring Green.

Members of Silver Spring Green and other community green groups
Copyright Marnie Brown Photography

The closing of Clean Currents (a renewable energy provider) in late January has sent a ripple of concern and confusion throughout the community, leading to many questions about the future of green energy. This interactive panel discussion offers an opportunity to learn about the factors that precipitated Clean Currents’ decision to close, the status of the clean energy market, and what renewable energy options are available for individual consumers and businesses.

The panel discussion will take place at the Silver Spring Civic Building (located at One Veterans Place, Silver Spring, MD, 20910) at 6:30 pm on Thursday, April 10.

Panelists include Gary Skulnik, Green Marketing Consultant and Co-Founder of Clean Currents; Russell Lacey, Founder and Partner, Electric Advisors; Brett Wiley, Director of Residential Programs, Groundswell; Amit Ronen, Director, GW Solar Institute; Laura Pagliarulo, Manager of Green Products, Washington Gas Energy Services; and moderator Doug Weisburger, Senior Planning Specialist, Sustainability Programs, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.

Anyone interested in attending this free event may register at www.cleangreenenergy.eventbrite.com. Local exhibitors will also be on hand to present a variety of energy efficiency and clean energy options.


Guest blog by Sara H. Brosnan, GreenWheaton

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