Pyle Middle School goes green!

May 30, 2014
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If you were looking to be inspired, there was no better place to be than Pyle Middle School on the evening of May 28th.  That night, the 6th grade class hosted a Green Gala where they showed how every student and person in the County can make a difference for their environment. 

Going Solar Project

As part of a special science and community service project, all 6th grade science students were tasked with thinking of one possible solution to an environmental issue that concerned them.  They then had to implement their solution over at least 10 hours and track whether they were able to make an impact.


Image of three girls at the Pyle Middle School Green Gala


With 400 students in the class volunteering at least 10 hours, than equated to more than 4,000 hours of environmental benefits to the County! Projects included removing trash from a park, building a rain barrel education website, installing conservation landscaping, educating about clean energy and more.


Image of a display board


Their efforts culminated in the Green Gala where the students displayed their projects and findings on tri-fold boards to hundreds of parents.  The entire first floor of the school was full of their display boards!


Image of 4 Pyle Middle School students

Image of Pyle Middle School Student

I had the privilege of serving as the guest speaker at the Gala and seeing all the amazing work done by the students.  It was truly inspiring, especially when you spoke to the students about their work.  You could hear in how they talked about their projects that each student wanted to make a positive difference to the world.


Image of Jessica Jones from the Department of Environmental Protection



A special treat for the students (and myself) were baked goods brought in by families.  Many had environmental or nature themes.  My personal favorite:  the Lorax cupcakes.


Image of Lorax cupcakes



I can’t wait to find out what these students accomplish next!  Congrats to everyone at Pyle and thank you for letting me a part of your amazing celebration.

– Jessica Jones, Program Manager, Outreach and Education, DEP


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