Rain garden art at the Kensington Library

October 22, 2014
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As part of Community Service Week, DEP staff, representatives from Rock Creek Conservancy and volunteers came together to paint four inlet drainage areas surrounding a rain garden in the Rock Creek watershed. The rain garden and the drain art, located at the Kensington Park Library in Kensington, MD, are visible to library visitors.

The art features these themes:

  • The inlets direct water to the rain garden, but eventually that water leads to our local streams.
  • Scooping Your Poop!  Pick up after your pets, because pet waste can flow into streams.
  • Wildlife in streams are impacted by what goes into our local storm drains.


Check out these pictures from the volunteer day and see how the art was created!


Image of a storm drain before art.

Before the art

Image of the outline of a drawing on a storm drain.

Making the outline.

Image of a volunteer painting a salamander.

Starting to paint.

Image of a volunteer painting a monarch butterfly on a storm drain.

Painting a monarch butterfly.

Image of a volunteer painting a frog on a storm drain.

Painting a frog.

Image of volunteers painting a storm drain.

Creating a scene.

Image of the Welcome to the Rain Garden storm drain art

Welcome to the Rain Garden!

Image of a storm drain art project.

Almost ready!


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