Stream Stewards make a difference in the County

June 26, 2014
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With more than 1 million residents Montgomery County is a very large and diverse community.  Imagine trying to educate each one of those residents about water issues and how our habits affect our waterways. 

That is the task of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and it is a big one.

Fortunately, DEP doesn’t have to do it alone.  To assist in educating County residents, in 2012 DEP launched the Stream Stewards volunteer program.  Since then, the Stream Stewards have been instrumental in educating residents and helping us reach out to every resident of the County.


Earth Day Cleanup

What is the Stream Stewards Program?

Stream Stewards are ambassadors helping to protect Montgomery County’s streams!

They are volunteers of all ages who donate their time to support DEP’s mission.  They attend a training program to learn how to support DEP and then participate in festivals, events and cleanup activities.


Image of Earth Day Planting Volunteer

How Have Stream Stewards Improved the Environment of Montgomery County?

Since 2012, more than 600 stormdrain markers have been installed, 1,100 pounds of trash removed from our waterways, more than 300 plants have been planted, and thousands of County residents have been educated.

To all the Stream Stewards volunteers, thank you for all your time and efforts in helping protect our waters.


For addition information about the Stream Stewards volunteer program, please visit: or email


Image of DEP's volunteer appreciation lunch

To thank volunteers, DEP hosted a Volunteer Appreciation event on June 25th, 2014. Steve Shofar, Chief of Watershed Management, spoke to the volunteers and offered his thanks for all their hard work.


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