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May 23, 2014
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As a new resident of Montgomery County, I’ve been excitedly researching all of the sites, shops, and natural areas near my home.  Moving can be exhausting, but transitioning services and setting up a new living space is a fun way to learn more about the County.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are some really amazing businesses here in Montgomery County, both large and small.  I love to support local businesses, but I also love to support businesses that are making efforts to increase sustainability and protect our environment.  Knowing that my dollars are staying in the County AND making a positive impact on the environment makes me a very happy consumer!

Green Business Certification

Montgomery County’s Green Business Certification Program is one way that local companies can voluntarily demonstrate a commitment to greening their operations and reducing their ecological footprint. This program differs from other certifications by focusing on day-to-day operations and covering a broad spectrum of sustainability initiatives, rather than concentrating primarily on building construction. A flexible checklist allows businesses to choose from a range of actions that suit their company needs and principles.


Image of A.I.R. Lawn Care receiving their green business certification


Make Your Dollars Count

Do you know a business here in Montgomery County that you’d like to see get Green Certified? Let them know! The Program currently certifies office/retail establishments (including faith-based organizations) and landscape businesses. Show them the list of the over 55 businesses currently registered throughout the County including, Abundant Backyard, OKKS Studios, Scott Orthodontics, Westover Consultants and more.


Image of a sample bus PSA

Get on the Bus!

Benefits of certification include gaining a competitive advantage, saving money, aligning operations with values, and enhancing reputation and recognition (just to name a few!). In addition to these benefits, businesses that apply for certification by August 1st, and are shortly thereafter certified, will get their company name and logo featured with the Green Business Certification logo on a County bus PSA!

This fall, each certified business will have a bus PSA featuring their name and logo, the Montgomery County Green Certified Business logo, and common messaging. That’s a pretty great perk! For more information, visit Get on the Bus!

Knowing that my dollars are staying in the County AND making a positive impact on the environment makes me a very happy consumer! If you feel the same, support your local Certified Green Businesses.


– Gwen Bausmith, Outreach and Education Specialist, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection

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