How-to videos for saving money on home heating

Graphic of someone insulating their windows and wrapping their hot water heater.
January 10, 2014
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With the polar vortex having dropped temperatures to unseasonable lows, everyone has been talking about home heating and how to save energy (and money!).  Many of the best energy saving tips are D-I-Y, and can be done in just a few minutes or hours.  The best part is that the projects pay for themselves and then some.

Older, low-efficiency hot water heaters lose heat to the surrounding air.  Watch this how-to video on wrapping your hot water heater.


Drafty doors or windows?  Replace the weatherstripping.


Still losing heat through your windows?  If you can’t replace them, try using a D-I-Y plastic insulation wrapping.


(Note: The video suggests taking handles or other knobs off the windows if they might impede with the plastic.  Before doing this, make sure that you still have fire safety routes, or the ability to escape the plastic-wrapped window in case of a fire.  Safety first!)

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