The Wildlife Habitat Council: Building partnerships for Conservation in Montgomery County

November 13, 2014
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Guest blogger Colleen Beaty of the Wildlife Habitat Council discusses their wildlife habitat conservation certification programs and local certified non-profit, Asbury Methodist Village:

At the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), an environmental non-profit organization based in Silver Spring, Maryland, we take pride in furthering our mission: to promote and certify wildlife habitat conservation programs on working lands. Certification through WHC provides corporations with third-party recognition of outstanding native habitat management and conservation education programs that are developed through partnerships with local organizations.

Although companies from around the world participate in our programs, several WHC-certified programs can be found right here in Montgomery County, Maryland. One of these programs is Asbury Methodist Village, a nationally-accredited, non-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community in Gaithersburg. Asbury has been certified in WHC’s Wildlife at Work program since 2009 and in WHC’s Corporate Lands for Learning program since 2012. These programs recognize quality habitat enhancement and conservation education efforts, respectively.

At Asbury, a team of dedicated volunteers manages habitat on the property to benefit local wildlife such as songbirds, pollinators, and bats. For example, volunteers planted several gardens that contain all native plants that provide food and shelter to pollinators. The team also works hard to remove non-native, invasive species from the property, since these species provide little to no value to wildlife and would aggressively dominate the site if left to grow unchecked.

Asbury’s team recognizes the vital role that outreach and education play in conservation projects, so residents of the Asbury community are given many chances to learn about and become involved in the team’s conservation program. Among these opportunities, the team hosts regular presentations as part of its Wildlife Habitat Team Speaker Series and publishes articles in the campus newsletter.


Asbury Methodist Green Day table

Asbury’s Wildlife Habitat Team educating residents at Green Day.


For more information about WHC’s programs or how your company can become involved in voluntary conservation initiatives like Asbury’s, contact WHC.

Guest blog by Colleen Beaty, Wildlife Habitat Council

Colleen has been with the Wildlife Habitat Council since 2006, where she writes and edits content about wildlife habitat enhancement and community engagement as the Conservation Writer.

The Wildlife Habitat Council is a Montgomery County Certified Green Business and is located in Silver Spring, MD.


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    I’m not sure that this is the site I need to help with the problem. We seem to have bats living in the wooden slats in the end of our attic. We have screens to, hopefully, keep them from coming in the house. So far, that has worked but, I’m not happy with the excrement down the side of the house. I believe we are not to kill them. Not sure how we’d do that anyway. Who can I contact to help with this problem? Thank you, Lora Birch

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