Children’s art promotes protecting local waters

April 22, 2015

Throughout the year, outreach staff at the Department of Environmental Protection participate in a variety of activities such as presentations and festivals. As part of Earth Week activities, Watershed Outreach Planner Ana Arriaza participated in an after-school program sponsored by Identity, Inc. at Montgomery Village Middle School. About 30 sixth graders participated.

The youth learned about issues affecting our local waters and came up with art and messages to encourage people to protect our water resources. Twenty-five pieces of art were submitted by the end of the evening with a wide range of inspiring messages.  In honor of Earth Day we are sharing some of their art and hope that it will inspire you to protect our waters too!

Don’t forget, if you have a community gathering or festival you wish us to participate in, send us an email!


Drawing of the Earth with the words "La agua es de todos."


Drawing of a before and after water scene. One side is clean, the other dirty.



Drawing of clean water vs dirty water with the text "Which would you rather have? After all, it's our water."

Drawing of person throwing trash into water with the text "No tirar basura."

Drawing of the earth and people with the text "Stop and think. Help the earth. We need you. Fight for what's right."


2 comments on "Children’s art promotes protecting local waters"

  1. Diane Dodson says:

    These are wonderful.

    1. Gwen Bausmith says:

      We’re glad you enjoy them, we think so as well! 🙂

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