Congrats Poolesville! The town is now certified by Sustainable Maryland

November 5, 2015
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The Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland announced that The Town of Poolesville was one of twelve Maryland municipalities honored at the Sustainable Maryland Awards Ceremony at the Maryland Municipal League’s annual Fall Conference held in Cambridge this week.

Highlights of Poolesvilles’s accomplishments include:

  • Home to three Maryland Green Schools
  • Installed a 1.1 megawatt solar photovoltaic system at the wastewater treatment plant, providing clean, renewable energy and a savings are approximately $30,000/year
  • Installed LED streetlights in two of the Town’s most prominent parks
  • Created a Sustainability Resource Center at Town Hall, with a virtual version on the municipal website
  • Maintains a Community Garden in partnership with local non-profit Poolesville Green
  • Adopted a Green Purchasing Policy for procurement of municipal goods and services
  • Developed an inventory of residential septic systems within the Town limits
  • Retrofitted Town Hall parking lot with pervious concrete, providing improved stormwater management.


“Poolesville is not only going green, but we are making every effort to save money and sustain the quality of life of our town,” said Poolesville Commissioner Valaree Dickerson.


Poolesville Community Garden

Poolesville Community Garden


“Poolesville has a very clear direction on what actions we plan to take, and how we are going to measure our progress and enhance livability for our families. We are so excited about becoming certified for our endeavors. As a Poolesville Commissioner and one of the initiators of this certification process, I am very proud of everyone involved. We started with a 4,400 panel solar farm and quickly moved to LED streetlights, permeable concrete, community garden, farmers market, and health and wellness programs for residents, and expect many more amazing projects yet to come.”


Poolesville Solar Array

Poolesville Solar Array


“We are excited to welcome more municipalities to the growing Sustainable Maryland community,” said Dan Nees, director of the Environmental Finance Center. “This program is a hallmark of our work at the Environmental Finance Center, guiding communities towards healthier, more sustainable futures. Each certification award represents the commitment of local elected officials, municipal staff and Green Team volunteers in these towns and cities to create a stronger, more resilient Maryland.”

The attached photo shows Poolesville Commissioner Jerry Klobukowski with the Sustainable Maryland Certified award at the Maryland Municipal League conference this week.

For detailed information about Poolesville’s sustainability initiatives, please contact Town Manager Wade Yost at 301-428-8927 or


Sustainable Maryland Certification

To achieve certification, municipalities are required to form a Green Team comprised of local residents, community leaders, municipal staff and officials; complete a variety sustainability-related Actions worth a total of at least 150 points (including two mandatory actions and two of six priority actions), and submit the appropriate documentation as evidence that the Sustainable Maryland Certified requirements have been satisfied. View the Sustainable Maryland Action Menu.


Sustainable Maryland Certified Awards 2015 Group Photo

Sustainable Maryland Certified Awards 2015 Group Photo


The complete list of 2015 newly certified and re-certified (denoted by *) communities includes:

  • Town of Berlin* (Worcester County; the very first municipality to be certified in the program in 2012, re-certified in 2015)
  • City of Brunswick (Frederick County)
  • City of Cambridge (first municipality certified in Dorchester County)
  • Town of Centreville (first municipality certified in Queen Anne’s County)
  • Town of Chestertown* (Kent County; first certified in 2012, re-certified in 2015)
  • Town of Easton (first municipality certified in Talbot County)
  • Town of Emmitsburg (Frederick County)
  • City of Hagerstown (Washington County)
  • City of Laurel (Prince George’s County)
  • City of Mount Rainer* (Prince George’s County; first certified in 2012, re-certified in 2015)
  • Town of Poolesville (Montgomery County)
  • City of Rockville* (Montgomery County; first certified in 2012, re-certified in 2015)

According to Mike Hunninghake, Program Manager for Sustainable Maryland, “The annual Sustainable Maryland Certified awards are a testament to the passion and dedication of volunteers, municipal staff and elected officials on our Green Teams, and the innovative projects and plans they have completed towards improving the quality of life in their communities and reducing our collective footprint on the planet. This year, we are especially pleased by the successful re-certification of the first four Sustainable Maryland Certified municipalities from 2012, which speaks volumes about both the value communities place on our certification designation, and the sustainability of the municipal Green Team/Action Plan framework we have created here in Maryland.”

Poolesville Sustainable Maryland Logo


Sustainable Maryland Certified Municipalities as of 2015 (4th full year of the program):

  • Number of Municipalities Sustainable Maryland Certified: 30 (19% of Maryland’s municipalities)
  • Number of Municipalities Sustainable Maryland Registered: 58 (37% of Maryland’s municipalities)


About Sustainable Maryland:

Sustainable Maryland is an initiative of the Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland that is designed to support Maryland’s 157 municipalities as they look for cost-effective and strategic ways to protect their natural assets and revitalize their communities. Using best practices in resource areas like water, energy, planning, health, food, and economy, a municipality can earn points toward sustainability certification.

Sustainable Maryland offers a customizable menu of concrete actions, allowing communities to select initiatives that best fit their specific needs. This free and voluntary program, with the support of the Maryland Municipal League, US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Town Creek Foundation, helps communities choose a direction for their greening efforts; complete their chosen actions with help from program tools, trainings, expert guidance, and other resources; and be recognized statewide for their accomplishments.

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