DEP launches Tree Montgomery Program

Tree Montgomery
April 27, 2015

The inaugural tree planting for the County’s newest environmental program, Tree Montgomery, took place today with the help of County Executive Ike Leggett, Councilmember Hans Riemer, County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Director Lisa Feldt, and community and business representatives.

Developed and implemented by DEP, Tree Montgomery provides for the planting of large shade trees throughout the County, increases canopy cover and helps raise awareness of the benefits of trees. Trees planted under this program are funded by the Tree Canopy Law that was introduced by Leggett and passed by the County Council in 2013.


The planting of more than 30 trees took place at Round Hill Apartments in Chevy Chase, a multi-family community that recently lost many large shade trees due to age and storm damage. As the new trees grow, they will provide long-term shade for the parking lots, playgrounds and walkways, as well as the apartments, themselves. Shaded communities are cooler in the summer, thereby reducing energy needs and costs for residents.

“We are serious about preserving and protecting the environment, and establishing a sustainable lifestyle here in Montgomery County,” Leggett said. “The Tree Montgomery program we’re launching today further demonstrates these commitments, and I am pleased to be here to help get the program started.”


Launch of the Tree Montgomery program featuring the County Executive, Councilmember Hans Riemer and DEP Director Lisa Feldt

Launch of the Tree Montgomery program featuring the County Executive, Councilmember Hans Riemer and DEP Director Lisa Feldt


“Tree Montgomery will help reverse the loss of tree canopy due to development, storm damage, and age of many trees in the County,” said Feldt. “While the creation of the program was looking at the big picture — ensuring a strong, healthy canopy and economic growth across the County — the success of the program will be based on the one-on-one interactions with homeowners and property managers. Our goal is to show how even one newly planted shade tree can save a property owner money, provide shade in the summer and add beauty to any space.”

Each fall through early spring, Tree Montgomery will plant shade trees at single- family homes, multi-family properties and in business parking lots. Once a tree is planted, Tree Montgomery will provide after care for up to two years to help ensure its long-term survival. Shade trees grow to at least 50 feet in height and have a broad crown.

This summer, the program will also launch a new user-friendly and informative website and a marketing campaign focused on the benefits that trees bring to homes, parking lots and multi-family residences.

Tree Montgomery’s 2015 spring plantings have already been scheduled. To start planning for a fall planting, visit


Inaugural tree planting for launch of Tree Montgomery program

From left to right: Caren Madsen of Conservation Montgomery, DEP Forest Conservation Coordinator Laura Miller, DEP Director Lisa Feldt, County Executive Ike Leggett, Councilmember Hans Riemer, Jean Cavanaugh of the Forest Conservation Advisory Committee and Diane Cameron of Audubon Naturalist Society.

9 comments on "DEP launches Tree Montgomery Program"

  1. Carol Samour says:

    I am scheduled to have a tree planted this fall. The location that was agreed upon
    is not ideal. I am hoping to change the location, keeping it in my back yard but
    moving it to the other end of the yard. Is there someone I can discuss this with?

    Thank you

    1. Jessica Jones says:

      I will forward your comment to the Tree Montgomery program manager. Let’s see what we can do for you!

  2. Carol Samour says:

    I would like to speak to Evan Keto regarding a tree choice. Finally, I have
    made up my mind to go for a Black Gum to be planted in my back yard.
    I’m hoping it is not too late since I had originally selected an Oak. Evan
    has removed the Oak from the order list and I would need an order to go
    in for a Black Gum.

    Thank you,

    Carol Samour
    301 972 1417


  3. Susy Cheston says:

    I just entered my address but got a reply that Takoma Park is not included in Tree Montgomery. Why is that? And even if we cannot be included, can we get some advice about a tall shade tree that we can plant in our front yard?

  4. Carol Samour says:


    The Blackgum is just lovely, Thank you so much for your assistance.
    I’m wondering should I start watering the tree since it still has a lot of
    leaves? What other upkeep should I give it?

  5. Carol Samour says:

    There has been an incident of more than several oak trees having been girdled in
    the town I reside in. Has girdling been encountered before in our county?
    What has been done about this, if anything. Would this be considered an act
    of vandalism for monetary reasons? Bark is a commodity used for herbal remedies and has been in use for hundreds of years. Can anything be done for the trees to save them from dying? I know there is an ethical way of removing bark from a tree but this has not been the case. I am using this site since I just recently obtained a free black gum tree through the program you sponsor.
    Perhaps Evan Keto can comment on the frequency, if any, of this problem as found here in Montgomery County or elsewhere.

    1. jjones says:

      Congrats on your new black gum through Tree Montgomery! We’re curious to know more about the girdling. In Maryland, it’s most likely to be beavers. We’ve had very few reports of harvesting bark because the species here aren’t preferred. We’ve also had very few reports about vandalism. We’d be happy to explore it more. Contact us at

  6. Eileen O'Connor says:

    Evan Keto has been wonderful to work with. We live in a large condominium and although we had 1/2 plan originally about a year ago. Between monthly board meetings and obtaining Landscape Designer I am afraid that we have only given the final request on March 7th for 9 trees. Is it possible Evan could call 301-951-4785 and let me know what he thinks he can plant this year or next year. Thank you. Grounds Committee

  7. Susan Gardella says:

    I put in for a tree last fall. I talked to someone at the agricultural fair and learned it is a long waiting list. The person at the fair told me they are working on a way to move up on the list if we do some of the work. I don’t know if that’s happened yet. I put in my name again for the tree since I’m not sure if I used my old work email last year. Is there a way to find out where I am on the list. Also, do you have a list of the shade trees?

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