Celebrate geocaching’s 15th anniversary with DEP’s Caching the Rain Geotrail!

April 30, 2015
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Need an outdoor activity to enjoy this wonderful spring weather?  Look no further than DEP’s own stormwater geotrail! This weekend marks the 15th anniversary of when geocaching began, so what better time to celebrate?  Learn what residents are saying about this fun and educational program.


Wash away those winter blues!

Winter is over and spring has hit! I’m sure the latest touch of warm weather has you anxious to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. I know I am! What better way to enjoy the nice weather than to get the family outside for a little brain teasing scavenger hunt like geocaching?

Have you heard about Montgomery County’s Caching the Rain Geotrail? Perhaps not, but it’s a fun and interactive way to learn about local water resources and how you and your family can protect them.


Kids examine a smartphone map to locate the geocache

You don’t need a special GPS device to participate…you can use your smartphone!


What is geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor scavenger hunt in which participants use a GPS enabled device, such as a smartphone, to locate hidden containers or landmarks called “geocaches.” The Caching the Rain Geotrail is a series of 6 geocaches with interactive puzzles and riddles hidden near various stormwater maintenance facilities in the County.


Photo of the geocaching coin given to participants who complete the trail

The front side of the Caching the Rain geocoin.


Once an adventurer, or geocacher, has found all 6 geocaches along the trail, logged them, and solved the riddles they are eligible for a souvenir “Caching the Rain” geocoin (while supplies last). This past week, DEP gave out their 100th souvenir coin to one lucky geotrail finisher!

Not sure if the geotrail is for you? See what others from the County are saying:

“The trail was a lot of fun. I’m glad you guys put it all together. We do lots of trails and this one is one of the better ones. You did a great job.” – Geocache user Finnary

“…This one was very interesting as there was a lot of fascinating things to see that we were educated about along the way to keep an eye out for. We were picking out three or four things we’d otherwise take for granted in our visit to this cache with respect to stormwater management. I feel like this was a final exam and we aced the course.” – Geocache user Bernsa

“Excellent geotrail! I was walking down the creek path yesterday and noticed a bag of pet waste and today after reading about the hateful consequences of pet waste running off into the water, I went back and picked it up! Please do these [geocaches] all over!” – Geocache user SlightlyMango

Want to get started? Visit our website to learn more about the program and download the Caching the Rain Geotrail Passport today!

Guest blog by DEP Watershed Outreach Planner Ryan Zerbe

Check out these additional photos from residents who completed the Caching the Rain Geotrail!


Photo of a dog in front of the Wheaton Pond location

Wheaton Pond, from Geocache user “2 dogs & a lady”


Photo of two gentlemen giving the thumbs up at the White Oak location

White Oak, from Geocache user “georick402”


Photo of boy finding a geocache

White Oak, from Geocache user “Bocco”


A photo of a bioretention garden near Sligo Parkway collecting rainwater

A bioretention garden near Sligo Parkway in action, from Geocache user “Turtle Pie”


Photo of children discovering a geocache

Kids making a discovery, from Geocache user “danman1111”


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