Storm drain art contest winners: Think further down the drain

Chrismai Storm Drain Art Winner
April 24, 2015
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To continue to educate the community of how our actions affect our local waters, on Tuesday, April 21 (the day before  Earth Day!) the Department of Environmental Protection along with volunteers from White Oak ShopRite Supermarket painted a storm drain with art from the inaugural art contest at the White Oak Community Center in Silver Spring, MD.

Titled, “Think Further Down the Drain”, the art was an original creation of Chrismai N. Dzuong-Webb.  Her work was one of three chosen in the storm drain art contest for its creativity, colorfulness and message on protecting our waterways.

Two additional paintings will be painted in the next few weeks. Anyone interested in volunteering can do so by emailing

Volunteers standing next to a white storm drain with a picture of the art.

A blank canvas to re-create her artwork.


An overhead image of volunteers painting on the storm drain.

First we paint the storm drain white. Then we pencil sketch a version of the original artwork and then we start painting.


Volunteers painting color on a storm drain.

Although a little windy, it was a perfect day to paint storm drains. The volunteers from the ShopRite in White Oak were amazing!



Artist Chrismai providing final details and outlines to the artwork.

Artist Chrismai providing final details and outlines to the artwork. She also wrote the environmental message on the art – “Think Further Down the Drain”.


Chris Mai Storm Drain Art Entry

The original submission


Chrismai with the final version of the storm drain art.

The final product!

One comment on "Storm drain art contest winners: Think further down the drain"

  1. ChrisMai says:

    It was a beautiful day for a masterpiece! Thanks to the Green Montgomery for sharing the blog and it was my pleasure to help out and raised awareness for the community!

    The meaning of Life is to find your gift. The purpose of Life is to give it away.
    – Pablo Picasso

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