Announcing the winners of the storm drain art contest

March 30, 2015

We asked for art and we received it!  In January, the Department of Environmental Protection and Rock Creek Conservancy sought artwork for a storm drain art contest. We received 18 entries from County residents with great art and messages that inspire others to protect our waters.

Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry.  The top two (2) winning entries were chosen by a panel of judges, while the third winner was picked by the public voting on Facebook!

We are happy to present the 3 winners, in alphabetical order.  The winners will help paint their art on pre-approved storm drains for Earth Week April 18 – April 26th, 2015.  The locations and dates to be announced at a later time.  Learn more about April volunteer activities.


Chris Mai Storm Drain Art Entry


Artist: Chrismai N. Dzuong-Webb

Artist Statement: In our daily and busy lives, it is only when we take the time to reflect on the consequences of our immediate and more often hasty decisions that we begin to realize our personal and incremental impact on our environment. My hope is that this art will give pause and assist with the realization that we are connected by water and our actions and thereby should not engage in any action that may have not been our original intent if only we had been “thinking further down the drain”.


Share the Purity


Artist: Rachel Park, age 14

Artist Statement: “In my entry, I drew a scene with a clean river, sky, and beautiful animals for showing water quality to the public. I made the image of a naturally beautiful setting showing that people are responsible for the quality of the water, what animals look like, and dependent animals do. I even wrote the words “Share the Purity” to highlight the fact that wildlife depends on clean water to survive and that we really shouldn’t treat it as a trash can. I also translated “Share the Purity” into Spanish, “Compartir la Puerza” so that Spanish-speaking Americans can also understand the importance of storm drains. With the theme of sharing the clean waters with others, viewers are educated in why it is important.”


Natalya Parris Storm Drain Art Entry


Artist: Natalya Parris

Artist Statement: Since the Storm Drain Art is in Montgomery County, Maryland, I also wanted to emphasize in my art how important Rock Creek is for Maryland and Washington D.C. The choice of bright colors also has its reason – the bright, contrasting colors are easy to see from a distance, they attract attention; they symbolize happiness, optimism, and hope. Children like bright colors and I wanted to address the message that my painting carries at first to them, since the children are our future and it is extremely important that they are raised in a “cleaner, greener” county and keep it this way for future generations.



3 comments on "Announcing the winners of the storm drain art contest"

  1. Natalya B. Parris says:

    As a professional artist I developed a unique artistic style – “Emotional Counterpoints in Paint – Dot Art” where perfectly round dots are overlaid onto sections of a previously-painted picture (under-painting.) However, for this project, I intentionally used only a basic – “under-painting” with bright acrylic paints on canvas. There are several reasons for this: (1) to make my design workable – easy to reproduce painting on a large concrete storm drain; (2) to make the massage simple and clear – CLEAN WATER FOR ALL, that message is not only in the words that are written on the painting, the birds and fish symbolize all leaving creatures whose existence depends on clean water.

    1. Gwen Bausmith says:

      Great! Thanks again for entering the contest, Natalya. We can’t wait to see your work once it’s on the storm drain!

  2. ChrisMai says:

    So glad that I can make a difference with the Department of Environmental Protection and Rock Creek Conservancy. Congrats to all the artists. It doesn’t have to be Earth Day for us to think about how we can make an impact (or less of an impact) on our planet. HAPPY EARTH DAY everyone! – Rtist

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