Summer of Safety

June 26, 2015
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Summer is a time to be outdoors with the family enjoying the weather, nature and community.  No one wants to ruin their summer with a trip to the hospital or being cooped up inside recovering from an accident.

That’s why Montgomery County launched the Summer of Safety.  It is an educational campaign online, and on social media, focused on staying safe all summer long.


What is the Summer of Safety?

The Summer of Safety campaign will provide essential safety information to the public throughout the summer months via social media channels, a County webpage and community outreach events and activities. Daily safety message tweets using “#MoCoSafety” will be sent from the Montgomery County and other County departments’ twitter feeds to alert followers to new safety information.

The campaign runs from June 22 through August 30. Those without access to, or whose preference is not to use social media, can sign up on the Summer of Safety webpage for weekly email delivery of the safety tips.

“Protecting the safety and health of residents is one of our most important responsibilities,” said Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett. “Police, fire and rescue and other County professionals work each and every day to protect and provide aid to Montgomery County residents, visitors and workers. With improved public awareness about preventing safety hazards we can more effectively reduce the risks that occur during summer months.”

Every Monday, the campaign will introduce new safety topic messages and post any “this-just-in” safety and event information based on what’s going on in the news.


Northwest Gorge

When visiting a stream, walk alongside the stream. Not in the stream.



How Does Going Green Relate to Summer Safety?

The best way to encourage people to protect our natural resources is to get them out in the environment exploring!  The problem is that many people do not know the basic safety tips to prevent injury while outside.

A sample of the safety issues related to the work of the Department of Environmental Protection include:

  • Air Quality Actions Day / Air pollution
  • Safely disposing of fallen tree limbs after a summer storm
  • Stream safety
  • Tree safety
  • Potomac River safety
  • Lyme disease
  • Bicycle safety
  • Safely disposing of hazardous waste in the summer
  • Outdoor and park safety
  • Hiking safety
  • Sun safety

Keep a watch out on the Summer of Safety webpage and at My Green Montgomery for the latest safety news.  We’ll be posting blogs and tips to make sure 2015 is a great summer!



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