Introducing the County’s Residential Energy Program!

Energy Exploration Event
November 28, 2016

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection has a new Residential Energy Program and a new program manager to go along with it, Larissa Johnson!

Larissa was on the Did You Know? TV show recently to introduce the program and some of the opportunities currently available to residents including Quick Home Energy Checkups and solar energy.

“Did You Know” examines various departments, services, programs, and partners of the Montgomery County government. The program airs on Comcast/RCN 6, Verizon 30 the following times: Sun – (2:00am, 8:30pm) | Tues – (6:30pm) | Wed – (2:00pm) Thurs – (2:00pm) | Fri (1:30am, 9:30pm) | Sat – (10:30am).


2 comments on "Introducing the County’s Residential Energy Program!"

  1. Joyce Siegel says:

    Master metered buildings are big energy wasters. All energy saving programs should be available to residents of master metered buildings…rental or condo.

    1. jjones says:

      In Montgomery County, we are well aware of the challenges of master metered buildings and are working with utilities to find solutions. There are lighting and appliance rebates/recycling programs that you can and should take advantage of through your utility supplier. Additionally, My Green Montgomery has a host of energy savings tips and resources that you can do in your apartment or condo.

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