Join the Montgomery County Solar Co-op!

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May 16, 2016
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Montgomery County residents are invited to joined the first County-wide solar co-op. Participants can save money and make going solar easier, and at the same time increase the network of solar supporters. The deadline for participation is September 30, 2016, don’t miss it.

If you are ready to participate, you can sign up now on the MD Sun website.  For those who need more information before participating, please feel free to contact MD Sun.


What are Solar Co-ops?

A solar co-op is a group of homeowners who use their combined bulk buying power to save on the total cost of going solar. Solar installers face significant costs finding solar customers. By forming a group of interested buyers, co-op members can receive a significant discount because the group has done some of the work for the installer. Co-op members also have the benefit of working with a group and with MD SUN to help educate and guide them through the installation process.

– Information on solar co-ops provided by MD Sun


The Montgomery County Solar Co-op is a partnership of the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, the City of Takoma Park, the City of Rockville and MD Sun.

One comment on "Join the Montgomery County Solar Co-op!"

  1. Anna Kasior says:

    H, is the option to participate in solar co-ops still available ? I live in silver spring and we are interested in getting solar panels and possibly joining a co-op. Thank you.

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