Sustainability in Montgomery County Annual Report

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April 1, 2016
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For the 2nd year, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Sustainability has released a report outlining sustainability efforts for the past year and how those efforts help to meet long term goals.

In June 2014, Montgomery County adopted legislation directing the creation of an Office of Sustainability in the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The goal of the Office is to promote sustainability in Montgomery County in collaboration with residents, businesses, and community-based organizations through activities related to energy efficiency and renewable energy, green business development, trees and forests, environmental education and outreach, and other environmental programs.

While DEP’s Office of Sustainability plays an important role in making Montgomery County more sustainable, it is the collective work of residents, businesses, municipalities, other governmental departments and agencies, and a variety of community-based organizations that makes the work of the Office of Sustainability possible.  Together their efforts make up the data and stories of this report.


The Office of Sustainability Report

The Full Report (9.9 MB)

The Report by Section:

Introduction (1.2 MB) – The overview of the creation of the Office of Sustainability and the function of this report.

Office of Sustainability Activities (2 MB) – This section provides a summary of the major programmatic initiatives of the Office during 2015, including the initiation of significant activities related to commercial building energy efficiency programs, and the launching of the Tree Montgomery program designed to plant canopy trees utilizing funds from the Tree Canopy Law.

Benchmarking Sustainability (472 KB) – As noted above, the Office of Sustainability is charged with reporting on progress made toward implementing the CPP, benchmarking the County against others with regard to energy efficiency policies and programs, and evaluating a broader Countywide sustainability reporting framework. This section introduces a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework for achieving each of these objectives.

Sustainability Metrics (3 MB) – This section includes tables, charts and graphs that provide a look at where the County stands relative to a variety of sustainability measures, including building energy use and its associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Partners in Sustainability (3.4 MB)– This section highlights just a few of the actions and programs that are representative of the efforts by individuals, businesses, and organizations to make Montgomery County more sustainable.


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  1. It is wonderful to see Montgomery County’s commitment to sustainable design grow, and to take on the ambitious and much needed task of benchmarking programs.

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