70 cyclists ride length of Sligo Creek for clean water

July 17, 2017
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More than 70 cyclists rode the length of Sligo Creek for the Friends of Sligo Creek‘s second Bike Ride for Clean Water on June 6. This year had double the number of participants from the first event in 2016.

Riders head out from the starting point near Channing Drive. (Ed Murtaugh photo)

Riders head out from the starting point near Channing Drive. (Ed Murtaugh photo)

Once the group arrived at Bladensburg Waterfront Park, many of the riders heard talks on “Everyday Tools for People to Protect Water” by Lori Lilly and Richard Klein. A pontoon-boat ride on the Anacostia River followed, and passengers saw an Osprey catch a fish and viewed a handsome Bald Eagle.

Leading the first group of bikers was co-organizer Kathleen Samiy, ably assisted by Jean Cavanaugh and Maria Schmit.  Guiding the second group was co-organizer Anne Vorce, assisted by Mark Holzle and Bob King.

The Mount Rainier Bike Coop generously provided bike safety checks and en route repairs, with the help of Bob King and Kirby Freeman of the C & O Canal Network. Dana Best and Ed Murtaugh checked in folks at start and provided other support. Prince George’s Parks waived their usual rental fee for the room for our talks at Bladensburg Waterfront Park through their Community Connect program.

Thanks are also due to members of the Friends of Sligo Creek board, as well as FoSC members who helped with outreach, including social media.

The bike ride and training events were made possible by a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust through the Water Quality Protection Charge Program of the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.


This article first appeared in the Friends of Sligo Creek Newsletter

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