Americorps Fellow brings green living initiatives to Montgomery Housing Partnership

December 2, 2017
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At DEP, we truly believe that our partners are key to making Montgomery County as green as it can be. This “Partners in Energy” series profiles a local leader, advocate, or trailblazer who is dedicated to improving energy efficiency and helping the County realize its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050. Find out more about them in their own words. 

This installment highlights Sheri Brooks, Americorps Fellow at Montgomery Housing Partnership  

My Green Montgomery: When did you first become interested in energy and climate change?

Sheri Brooks: I was taught from a fairly young age that it was important to preserve our planet as best we could. However, I also had the good fortune of living with several people in college who were studying environmental science and policy and I learned a lot from them.


MGM: What do you find most interesting about energy issues in Montgomery County?

Brooks: Montgomery County has so many resources directed toward making everyday living cleaner and greener and I really enjoy finding out about all the ways the County uses those resources.


MGM: Can you describe what you do in your role at Montgomery Housing Partnership?

Brooks: I am developing and piloting several programs to be used each year to help our residents save money and access more opportunities for success. One of those programs is a Green Living Initiative and my goal is to educate our residents on how they can save their wallets and the planet with energy saving habits.


MGM: How does your day-to-day work impact Montgomery County and its residents?

Brooks: Montgomery Housing Partnership provides County residents with access to high quality, affordable housing as well as programs to help the kids achieve their best potential. My work specifically is toward giving our residents of all ages the tools to live healthier lives and take full advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Montgomery Housing Partnership

MGM: What has been your proudest moment in your position?

Brooks: I have only been at Montgomery Housing Partnership for a few months but it has been really exciting to learn about Montgomery County and to see the potential for partnerships and program development.


MHP location piloting a Green Living Initiative

MGM: What projects are you working on now that we should be watching?

Brooks: I mentioned the Green Living Initiative, which I am very excited about because I am working with Larissa Johnson from the Department of Environmental Protection to develop a program that would be accessible for our residents at our properties but could also be used to implement similar programs throughout the County.  


MGM: What’s your favorite way to save energy in your home or workplace?

Brooks: I enjoy using my food practices and choices to save energy and have been learning more about it recently. I try to buy mostly food from sustainable sources and I share a lot with my roommates to cut down on waste and use of water while cooking.


MGM: Outside of your role, what other activities or interests do you have?

Brooks: I enjoy jogging and walking on the Rock Creek Trail, reading, and volunteering with other local non-profits whose work I admire.

Sheri Brooks


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