Family fun for all at “CREEKfest,” a new event hosted by the Friends of Cabin John Creek on October 15th!

Cabin John Creek
September 29, 2017
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Friends of Cabin John Creek invites you to a FREE and fun way to celebrate the watershed in your backyard!

Friends of Cabin John Creek (FoCJC) is a volunteer-based watershed protection group in southwest Montgomery County. Our primary mission is to raise awareness of how important a healthy Cabin John Creek is to our quality of life, and to inspire people to join us in protecting the creek. Our past programs have included stormwater management, water quality monitoring, non-native plant removal, children’s outdoor education events, and a watershed film series.

This fall, we’re offering our biggest and best event ever: CREEKfest 2017! This exciting new family friendly event will be filled with opportunities to learn about watershed conservation and get involved with protecting our urban oasis.


But first… a little background on Cabin John Creek:

The Cabin John Creek Watershed extends from the Potomac River all the way up to Rockville Town Center, and from Potomac Village to Bethesda inside the Beltway. It covers about 25 square miles, and is home to almost 100,000 people. In addition to the Cabin John Regional Park, there are wooded park lands, trails, and buffer areas along several miles of the creek. There are a number of named and unnamed tributaries that feed from neighborhoods into the creek mainstem which runs north to south for about 10 miles, generally following the path of Seven Locks Road.

The Cabin John Creek Watershed is densely populated, with residential and commercial development covering 75% of the watershed. Hard surfaces, such as buildings, roads, and parking lots, cover about 20% of the land. When rain and snow melt can’t reach the ground to soak in, it flows into driveways and roads, picking up speed, chemicals, and trash, which can cause harm to the creek. Because of this, stream conditions in much of the Cabin John Creek watershed are impaired.


 FoCJC members study fish and other creatures who live in the Creek.


Wondering how you can get involved?

Join us for CREEKfest 2017! CREEKfest will take place on Sunday, October 15th from 12-3PM, at the Clara Barton Community Center (7425 MacArthur Blvd., Cabin John, MD 20818). It will be a fun, interactive opportunity to find out more about the creek and what you can do to be a “Friend of Cabin John Creek,” all while having a great time! There’s something for everyone:

  • Scales & Tales: Birds of Prey Show
  • Guided Creek & Birdwatching Walk
  • Live Music from the Alpha Dog Acoustic Blues Ensemble
  • Kids’ Arts & Crafts
  • Expert Stormwater Advice
  • Green Landscape & Garden Tips, from the Department of Environmental Protection’s RainScapes team
  • Creek Critter Identification
  • Watershed Maze
  • Grilled Cheese Food Truck
  • Free Raffle
  • And More!

Whether you live in the watershed or not, you’re welcome to come and learn about the issues facing all the watersheds in the area. We encourage everyone to join us in celebrating Cabin John Creek!

Funding for this Watershed Restoration and Outreach grant project was provided by the Montgomery County, MD Water Quality Protection Charge and managed by the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

Since 1999, the mission of Friends of Cabin John Creek has been to support the health and beauty of the Cabin John Creek watershed, raise awareness of its significance in the community, and foster community involvement in these goals. We’re always looking for talented go-getters who love working for a good cause, sharing their knowledge and experience, and learning new skills. To learn more and get involved, please visit or email Tina at


By Tina Rouse, PhD, program manager at Friends of Cabin John Creek. 

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