Congrats Poolesville for hosting the largest EVER electric vehicle show on the East Coast!

Poolesville Green’s 2017 National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) Poolesville Day Electric Vehicle Show. Photo by JD Taylor
The Poolesville Day Electric Vehicle Show was a huge success again this year!  It was the largest gathering of electric vehicles EVER on the East Coast and the 2nd year in a row the Poolesville event held this distinction! This event was part of the 2017 National Drive Electric Week celebration. Worldwide, our EV show was the 3rd largest out of 288 events. Poolesville Green partnered with the Town of Poolesville to bring this event to the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, as a part of the community’s annual Poolesville Day festival.

Poolesville Green’s 2017 National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) Poolesville Day Electric Vehicle Show. Photo by JD Taylor

Hello Kitty EV. Photo by JD Taylor

The Electric Vehicle Show

We had over 125 Electric and Plugin Electric Hybrid Vehicles (EV/PHEV) registered to come out and enjoy the day. The Electric Vehicle Show, including a parade, featured mostly EV owners, many who were members of the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington DC. They volunteered their time to help educate the public about what it is like to really own an Electric or Plugin Electric Hybrid Vehicle. Visitors were encouraged to talk to owners and test drive or ride many of the cars. Manufacturers and local dealerships also participated from Tesla, Ford, Nissan, Chevy, and more. Visitors learned what the real facts and the myths are about EVs. They saw the different makes and models and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both. Also, the Classic Car Show returned this year and was co-located with the National Drive Electric Week show. Miss Kitty, the Hello Kitty Smart EV car was also on static display at the Poolesville Green booth in the middle of all the Poolesville Day action on Fisher Ave. It was a great day in Poolesville! If you missed this year’s event, we hope you’ll join us next year for Poolesville Day and the Electric Vehicle Show. And a special invitation to EV owners in the DMV region to join us next year and help us break into the #1 spot for National Drive Electric Week 2018!
Article by Joyce Breiner, Executive Director Poolesville Green    

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Wallace Rumbarger

Thanks to Joyce for hosting a great EVent.

And thanks to JD Taylor for the pic of me and Miss Kitty.
That’s me (the owner) in the neon green hat and shirt talking about EVs with an interested couple.