Montgomery County Green Bank names Tom Deyo as first CEO

June 15, 2017
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The Board of Directors of the Montgomery County Green Bank (MCGB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Deyo as the first Chief Executive Officer of the Montgomery County Green Bank, the nation’s first local Green Bank.

Recognizing the importance of public-private commitment to increase energy efficiency, grow renewable energy generation, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Montgomery County designated the MCGB in August 2016 to partner with private lenders and investors and promote investment in green energy technologies. Across the globe, the Green Bank model has been instrumental in the deployment of billions of dollars of public-private investment in clean, lower-emission energy technologies, catalyzing the growth of the clean energy economy.

Deyo will build out this new organization as it works locally in Montgomery County to ensure that residents and businesses in the county have access to more flexible financing options for clean energy and energy efficiency projects.

Acting locally in concert with county constituents, the MCGB’s focus is to develop markets in energy efficiency and renewable energy financing to support both economic growth and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, helping Montgomery County meet its aggressive goals of 80% reduction by 2050 while creating clean energy jobs and new business opportunities. The Montgomery County Green Bank is a nonprofit organization that works with private lenders and investors to increase the flow of investment to homeowners, multifamily property owners, businesses, and institutions for the installation of greener technologies that reduce energy costs, improve health, increase resilience, and lower the environmental impact of energy consumption.


Tom Deyo

Tom Deyo

The Montgomery County Green Bank has a specific goal to direct a portion of its work to aid limited- and moderate-income households in accessing this financing. Deyo, a long-term resident of Montgomery County, has over 30 years of experience in working on housing and community development missions including green and healthy homes. Deyo has worked in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors in financing and investment, technical assistance, knowledge building, and grant making in housing and community development and green programs. Most recently, Deyo was at NeighborWorks America where he has led the corporation’s staff dedicated to supporting real estate development and management, green strategies, and healthy homes and communities.

Under the leadership of Deyo and his team, NeighborWorks network organizations grew their portfolio of affordable housing to more than 150,000 owned and managed rental homes. Ninety-five network members achieved the NeighborWorks Green Organization designation demonstrating comprehensive support of sustainable practices extending social, financial, health, and environmental benefits of green homes and housing practices to communities, individuals, and families.

“Tom brings a track record of success to the position of CEO of the Montgomery County Green Bank,” said Bert Hunter, Chairman of the Board of the Montgomery County Green Bank. “His appointment is a key milestone for the Montgomery County Green Bank as we move to unlock private investment in clean energy and energy efficiency markets in Montgomery County. With Tom’s leadership MCGB will drive results that will improve our environment, reduce our community’s greenhouse gas emissions, and stimulate local economic activity in energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

About the MCGB: The Montgomery County Green Bank is a publicly-chartered nonprofit dedicated to accelerating affordable clean energy and energy efficiency investment in Montgomery County, MD. It partners with the private sector to build a more inclusively prosperous, resilient, sustainable, and healthy community.

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  1. Scott Hofmeister says:

    Congratulations Tom and to the MCGB! Looking forward to the positive work you will do for our great county.

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