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Image of two volunteers carrying bags of trash during the White Oak Earth Day Cleanup
August 23, 2017
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Montgomery County takes pride in the selfless residents, businesses, civil servants, and students who donate thousands of hours to numerous community service opportunities. Our residents make up a vast community of dedicated volunteers who make a true difference in the livability of Montgomery County.

The Community Leader/Stream Volunteer award highlights an individual who is committed to enhancing the quality of life in our community by protecting and improving Montgomery County’s water resources in a sustainable way.



Nominees should have demonstrated excellence in the following area(s) (one or all):

  • Promotes awareness of stream health and watershed restoration
  • Volunteers his or her own time to actively restore their local watershed, via stream cleanups or other meaningful outdoor learning, education or volunteer opportunities
  • Shows initiative to protect our local water resources (Saw a problem, did something to fix it, organized multiple cleanups, events, activities, spearheaded public policy changes, etc.)
  • Volunteer efforts made a significant impact to an organization, a project or community related to water
  • Educates, engages, and motivates their neighbors/community to take action to protect local waterways
  • Due to their efforts, stream health/water quality is noticeably improving
  • Works to develop new and innovative partnerships especially with diverse cultures
  • Advocates and inspires change in the watershed community
  • Makes a positive impact in the community and the watershed through their leadership and influence
  • Exemplifies the qualities of a strong community leader



Through actions big and small, residents from all walks of life can help to restore the 1,500 miles of stream in Montgomery County. Each year, our committee recognizes one remarkable person who embraces these characteristics and who leads by example to demonstrate what we can all do both individually and collectively to help our watershed communities

In celebration and support of their outstanding work in the community, the H2O committee recognizes a Community leader/stream volunteer each year at the H2O Summit. Awardees must reside in Montgomery County and be willing to share their stories. We are seeking nominations from community members until September 1st.

The award will be given out at the upcoming H2O Summit on Saturday, September 16th at the Rockville Senior Center.  Learn more about the Summit. 



  • An individual living in Montgomery County
    Has not received any compensation for volunteer efforts
    Has not won in the past 5 years


Nomination Process

Nominations must be submitted to the H2O committee by September 1, 2017. All nominations must be approved by H2O committee.

Effective volunteer leaders are the “keys” by which we unlock volunteer hands and minds- Quote from Develop volunteer leaders worthy of the cause by John M. Knibb, October 22, 2012 from Inside Business


Photo collage of the three winners of awards at the H2O Summit for their achievements to protect our watershed.

Photos of 3 different awardees from 2013


Prior Winners:

2012 – Ed Murtagh, Friends of Sligo Creek
2013 – Paul Hlavinka, Muddy Branch Alliance
Lifetime Achievement Awards; Keith Van Ness, DEP; Doug Redmond, MC Parks
2014 – Kay Fulcomer, Rock Creek Conservancy/Seneca Creek Watershed Partners
2015 – None Awarded (Event combined with GreenFest)
2016 – Kit Gage, Friends of Sligo Creek


This same form appears on the H2O event page.  There is no need to repeat the form.

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