Meet One Montgomery Green: A new County nonprofit organization

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March 15, 2017
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One Montgomery Green (OMG) is the successor organization resulting from the merger between GreenWheaton Inc.(GW) and Silver Spring Green (SSG). Its mission is to bring together diverse perspectives from businesses, residents and government to catalyze the transition to a sustainable economy, facilitate environmental responsibility among all three sectors and increase the quality of life for all Montgomery County residents.

One Montgomery Green grew out of an initiative by Silver Spring Green and Green Wheaton to form a “virtual green hub” and evolved into a collaborative, convening organization that combines the energy of SSG and GW and aims to provide resources and opportunities to green organizations throughout Montgomery County, MD. One Montgomery Green is founded on sharing and inclusion. We want to foster more partnerships (not only among the greens) and help others to achieve their goals of supporting sustainable communities. We are uniquely poised to be a “virtual green hub” for many non-profits in the county.

One of the initial exciting new projects is a mapping effort. OMG will map green assets that already exist and identify new and under-served opportunities to develop green solutions. Using the existing, successful GreenMap platform, OMG will identify sustainable and green-oriented companies, other organizations countywide and resources in specific sectors with an emphasis on Silver Spring and Wheaton. OMG is an active partner in the international Green Map® System (GMS). The GMS universal iconography is its signature tool to share green living, ecological, social and cultural resources. More than 950 projects have engaged with GMS, each bringing local knowledge and leadership to the task of capturing the information in its locale. 32,000+ sites worldwide have been entered on the interactive Open Green Map.

One Montgomery Green Logo Contest

We are looking for a logo. Help us launch our brand!

We need you to design a logo to promote One Montgomery Green. We are seeking entries from local marketing firms, high schools, graphic designers and amateur artists….all are welcome. The rules are simple and all logo submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Includes the words One Montgomery Green
  • Clearly communicates environmental sustainability
  • Attractive image that will work on web sites, t-shirts and printed materials
  • All work submitted must be original

Please submit all logo designs electronically to We would like the logos submitted to come in the following format:

  • 4-color, 2-color and black and white version
  • High quality, so it can be reproduced in both large and small format

All submissions are due by March 30. A group of panelists from the region will review all entries and choose the winning logo. The winner will receive $500 and recognition through publicity and the One Montgomery Green website. All entrants must sign an agreement stating that if their artwork is selected as the official logo, they agree to assign the artwork to One Montgomery Green.

Download the logo contest flyer for more details. 

By One Montgomery Green. Wendy Howard, Executive Director. Laura Barnitz, Operations Manager. Jeannette Feldner, Communications Manager

One comment on "Meet One Montgomery Green: A new County nonprofit organization"

  1. Tina Schneider says:

    I’m trying to reach Wendy Howard. Please forward this email to her.

    My name is Tina Schneider and I work at the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission as an Environmental Planner.

    We are embarking on a new Sector Plan for Downtown Silver Spring and I’d like to work with you and/or other appropriate staff as we develop the emergency, sustainability, and resiliency sections in our Plan. As County Planners there are many inter-agency recommendations where overlap is beneficial for the success of new policies and programs.

    Would you or other suggested employees in your agency be available to partner with us as we develop the recommendations for the forthcoming Silver Spring Sector Plan?

    I’m looking forward to collaborating with your agency to protect our residents and resources.

    Thank you.

    Tina Schneider, MLA
    Environmental Planner |
    Down-County Planning Division/ Master Planning

    Montgomery County Planning Department
    2425 Reedie Drive, 14th Floor, Wheaton, MD 20902
    O: 301.495.2101

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