New Managing Director at Bethesda Green’s Incubator brings investor lens

November 16, 2017
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On November 7th, Bethesda Green announced Tina Arreaza as Managing Director for the Be Green Hub.

The Be Green Hub is Bethesda Green’s sustainability-focused incubator program. Bethesda Green’s mission is to accelerate the sustainable economy locally with a focus on innovation, impact and community.

Meet Tina

Tina Arreaza is an expert in impact investing, or investments that intend to generate social and/or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Most recently Tina was on the investment team at Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment fund founded by Pam and Pierre Omidyar of eBay.

“Coming from the investment side, I understand what investors are looking for when they make investment decisions,” she says. “This investor lens will be helpful when working with incubator companies to raise capital.” – Tina

In 2012, Arreaza reached out to Bethesda Green to volunteer as a mentor. She later joined the Bethesda Green Board of Directors. Now she takes on a new role as Managing Director of the Be Green Hub incubator.

“Tina brings the depth of knowledge and experience we felt we need to launch our freshly redesigned cohort-based program in 2018. I have confidence that with Tina on our team, we can lead entrepreneurs of green and social impact start-ups to viability and success”, said Veronique Marier, Executive Director of Bethesda Green.

Arreaza succeeds Bob Snyder, who is well known in the region for his commitment and contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Snyder will continue on as a Senior Advisor to Be Green Hub.


Incubator company at event

Neighborhood Sun is a current incubator company.

The Future of the Be Green Hub

Arreaza’s first task is to recruit the 2018 cohort of new companies to join the incubator. The cohort will include up to 10 companies across two verticals: environment and food. The ideal participant is a start-up with high growth projections, past the ideation stage.

Be Green Hub uniquely combines the experience of both an accelerator and incubator.

Similar programs provide either an accelerator experience (a short-term boost) or an incubator experience (long-term support). The Be Green Hub offers both, with the initial 6-month accelerator experience serving as an opportunity to propel a business to viability. The incubator then continues to work closely with each start-up to nurture the business as it grows.

The 2018 cohort will experience a new and improved curriculum that leverages Bethesda Green’s Be Impact initiative to develop, measure and express impact to various stakeholders. In addition to the curriculum, Arreaza will build on the mentorship and partnership opportunities for the cohort participants. She will also help advise cohort participants on how to raise funds from investors.

“The intellectual capital in this community is outstanding,” she says. “There are many excellent mentors on our Board and in our network. We have a targeted mentorship program of both generalists and specialists so we can meet the specific needs of our cohort participants.” – Tina

Applications to join the 2018 cohort are now live, with a rolling review through December 1st. To apply online, visit or contact Tina Arreaza:

Bethesda Green

About Bethesda Green

Bethesda Green is an Incubator, a Connector, and a Community Partner, acting in synergy, with Impact. The organization was co-founded in 2008 by Seth Goldman, co-founder and CEO-Emeritus of Honest Tea, and George Leventhal, councilmember of Montgomery County.

Bethesda Green’s incubator program started in 2009 as the first sustainability-focused incubator in the Washington, DC region. The Be Green Hub nurtures green and social impact start- ups to accelerate their success as companies with purpose. To date, the incubator has worked with over 40 companies, of which 80% remain in business.

For more information about Bethesda Green, visit

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