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July 11, 2018
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Certain non-residential commercial buildings that are 50,000 square feet and greater are subject to Montgomery County’s Building Energy Benchmarking Law. Each calendar year (CY), building owners need to benchmark the energy use of eligible buildings located in the county in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and report it to the County for public disclosure.

To better visualize the benchmarking data the County receives every year, DEP developed an interactive GIS map that highlights relevant covered building details, including:

  • Location
  • Property type
  • Square footage
  • Year built
  • Energy metrics
  • ENERGY STAR score (if available)
  • Compliance status
  • Owner of record

In addition to viewing plotted points on a map of Montgomery County, there are also a handful of chart and graph views in the GIS platform as well, including pie charts summarizing property types in the County and average ENERGY STAR score by property type.


Screenshot of GIS Chart

As of July 2018, the data in the GIS tool include CY 2016 data for County public buildings and Group 1 private buildings (250,000 square feet and greater). CY 2017 building data for all covered buildings 50,000 square feet and greater will be available in October 2018.

All of the publicly disclosed data and reports summarizing the implementation of the benchmarking program are available on DEP’s website.

Explore all the data filters and search functions to see how commercial buildings in the County are performing. Please note, the beta visualization of the data collected by the County is a work in progress. We invite you to submit feedback to energy@montgomerycountymd.gov.

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