Montgomery County homeowners with modest income are invited to apply for upgrades under the Homeowner Energy Efficiency Program

May 22, 2018
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Montgomery County is launching a Homeowner Energy Efficiency Program to benefit a limited number of qualified residential customers. The program provides improvements to reduce electric bills for homeowners with modest income while also reducing the load on the electric grid.

County homeowners of all ages may apply, but applicants age 62 or older will receive priority. To be eligible for the program, individuals must:

  • own and occupy the Montgomery County home for which they are requesting services;
  • be a PEPCO customer; and
  • meet certain income criteria (e.g., maximum income ranging from $52,550 for a one-person household, up to $99,100 for a household of eight or more persons.)

Montgomery County manages the Homeowner Energy Efficiency Program and has allocated $1.3 million during Fiscal Year 18, with the potential to allocate additional funds in the future. The County has selected Habitat for Humanity of Metro Maryland to assess the program eligibility of each individual applicant and, as funds are available, to identify needed energy upgrades for qualified households. The County also arranges with contractors to install appropriate materials and equipment in qualified homes.

Homeowners benefitting from the program will receive free energy-efficiency upgrades to their home which may include attic insulation, upgraded furnace and air conditioning units, water heater replacement, LED light bulbs, a solar-powered attic fan, a programmable thermostat and new appliances.

Interested homeowners can find more information and apply for the Homeowner Energy Efficiency Program





The Homeowner Energy Efficiency Program is funded by proceeds from the merger of Pepco Holdings Inc. and Exelon Corporation. Montgomery County’s support for the merger resulted in $41 million of funds to the County to create programs benefiting Pepco customers in Montgomery County. Additional benefits include a $100 bill credit per Pepco residential customer; improvement of utility reliability and recreation infrastructure; and investments in energy-efficiency, renewable energy and job creation. These funds are administered by the County’s Department of General Services.

One comment on "Montgomery County homeowners with modest income are invited to apply for upgrades under the Homeowner Energy Efficiency Program"

  1. Joan Hecht says:

    I am a senior citizen living in Leisure World. Several months ago I applied for replacement of a furnace and air conditioning unit. I spoke with Kate Brison twice, early in 2020, before everyone was working remotely. Ms. Brison explained she was waiting to get the approval of funding for the program for the new year and hoped it would come through by March. I have called since staff has been working remotely, left messages, but have not received a call back.

    I understand that these are uncertain times and there may not be certainty in available information. I am just wondering if there is a plan to continue with the program when the world returns to “normal”.

    I will appreciate any information you can give me.

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