Green Business Certification Program expands to include farms implementing comprehensive sustainability practices

March 8, 2018
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Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett has announced the expansion of the Green Business Certification Program to recognize farm operations certified through the USDA Organic and/or Certified Naturally Grown programs. Certified farms will now be included in the County’s Green Business Directory along with approximately 80 other businesses.

Green Business Certification Program LogoThe Green Business Certification Program is a voluntary recognition program managed by the County’s Department of Environmental Protection in partnership with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) and Montgomery College. It helps County businesses green their operations and prosper in the new green economy by encouraging local consumers and other businesses to consider Certified Green Businesses when making purchasing decisions.

“Sustainable and local farming are vital to our green economy,” said Leggett. “Our County has an enduring farming heritage and we must all do our part to build a more sustainable community for future generations.”


About the Farm Certifications

Both the USDA Organic and Certified Naturally Grown standards require a full commitment to organic practices – no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or genetically engineered seeds – and include a focus on building and conserving soil nutrients through compost, cover crops, crop rotation and other practices.

USDA Organic Logo“With Montgomery County’s program there is potential for an exciting multiplier effect,” said Alice Varon, executive director of Certified Naturally Grown.  “I am not aware of other jurisdictions using third-party certification standards to recognize sustainable farming practices, but it offers an easy, ‘off-the-shelf’ program.”

Certified Naturally Grown Logo

Gigi Godwin, president and CEO of MCCC, echoed this sentiment.  “This program’s unique ‘umbrella’ structure facilitates recognition of businesses certified through 10 different third-party standards across multiple business sectors ranging from offices, to restaurants to cleaning companies and now, I’m happy to say, farms are included, too!  I hope it catches on everywhere.”

Chocolate and Tomatoes Farm

Chocolate and Tomatoes Farm

Meet the 6 Inaugural Certified Farms

At an event on Thursday, March 8th, Leggett presented certificates to six farmers who achieved certification through one or both standards.

A few other farmers were recognized for submitting their applications for certification.  The County intends to raise awareness of these environmentally responsible farms to help local consumers easily identify them and spur other farmers to embrace sustainable practices.

The following certified Farms are now included in the County’s Green Business Directory:

  1. Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm (USDA Organic and Certified Naturally Grown)
  2. From the Earth Foods (USDA Organic)
  3. Potomac Valley Organics (USDA Organic)
  4. Red Wiggler Community Farm (USDA Organic)
  5. The Farm at Our House (USDA Organic)
  6. Your Chef’s Table Farm (Certified Naturally Grown)


One comment on "Green Business Certification Program expands to include farms implementing comprehensive sustainability practices"

  1. Yasmine says:

    MoCo residents sit without power, in one the wealthiest counties in America, yet last week Leggett was lobbying the state for billions in tax breaks for Amazon. The only thing more reliable than power going out in MoCo at least once every winter, and at least once every summer is the incompetence of Leggett. Here”s a guy who raised property taxes, jammed a mandatory sick leave down the already choked throats of businesses in MoCo, and is openly agitating for a $15 per hour minimum wage that study after study has said will cost MoCo jobs especially for lower income residents,. Leggett has done nothing to improve the business climate other than raise taxes, and wage war on businesses in MoCo. He has been aided and abetted by the rest of the fools on the council, who like Leggett can”t create a job for anyone other for themselves, and in perpetuity. Collectively they can”t run a roadside melon stand. When they leave one office, they simply run for another one because they aren”t capable or qualified to to anything else. Just look at Katz from the mayor to the council. MoCo has truly hit a new low on the ever accelerating downward spiral. Soon we can start calling it MC, to better mirror PG.

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