Plastic Bags: Do’s and Don’ts

Recycle your plastic bags
Single use plastic bags can impact streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, and forests and the wildlife that inhabit them. To reduce the impacts of plastic bags, follow the three R’s:

Reduce the Use of Plastic Bags

To reduce plastic bag consumption – always remember to bring your reusable bag when shopping. As an added benefit, you can save $.05 per bag in Montgomery County every time you shop.

However, if you choose to purchase a plastic bag when shopping, those funds are provided to the Department of Environmental Protection for programs that help improve and protect the water quality of the streams and rivers in the County. For more information on these programs, visit Water Quality Protection Charge and Watershed Restoration.

  Bring your reusable bag


Reuse Plastic Bags

If you have plastic bags, please use and reuse them to the maximum extent possible.


Bin to recycle plastic bagsRecycle plastic bags, films, and wraps

Recycle plastic bags and other types of plastic film at local grocery and retail stores throughout the County. Look for collection bins near store entrances. Find bag and film recycling drop-offs near you using the locator on

Common plastic bag recycling questions:

What plastic bags, films and wraps are accepted in store recycling programs? Refer to this list of generally accepted plastic from for more details.

Can plastic bags, film, and wrap go in my curbside recycling bin?  No, plastic bags are not acceptable in your weekly County-provided curbside recycling collection, so please do not put any plastic bags into your recycling bin.

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Why doesn’t the county have a plastic bag recycle program, rather than depending on businesses to provide the service for county residents.
Also the county should accept textiles at the transfer station.