Two years of the Residential Energy Program!

October 16, 2018
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Energy Infographic


Watt’s Up with Montgomery County’s Residential Energy Program?

In 2016, the Residential Energy Program launched. After 2 years, it is well on its way to energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions!

  • 14,237 residents engaged
  • 229 events, including:
    • 25+ congregations
    • 21 libraries
    • 16 senior centers
    • 4 regional service centers
    • 10+ schools
    • 10 MANNA food distribution sites
  • 4,583 CFL + incandescent light bulbs collected + recycled = >$16,557 in energy savings for County residents
  • Quick Home Energy Checkups are energy audits offered through your utility. They are at no additional cost to you!
    • 472 County referrals for QHECs led to 135,700 kilowatt hours saved which equals the CO2 emissions of 10.9 homes for 1 year!

With more to come!

One comment on "Two years of the Residential Energy Program!"

  1. Patricia G Tice says:

    I have an aging gas furnace. What is the greenest option for replacing it?

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