2019 Storm Drain Art Contest Winners Announced!

April 30, 2019
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2019 Storm Drain Art contest winners 

Artist: Meera Barochia; Entry Title: Save the Bay; Category: Environment and Youth (for ages 16 and under only)


Artist: Natasha Isler; Entry Title: Let’s Love the Bay; Category: Fight Litter


Artist: Justin Hudis, Entry Title: This Way Straight to Water Supply, Category: Montgomery County Animals and Streams


Artist: Alicia Wang, Title: Save the Bay to Save Us, Category: Water


Artist: Rachel Robin; Entry Title: Save the Bay or It Won’t Be There One Day; Category: People’s Choice

In honor of Earth Month 2019, three of the winning entries were painted on two storm drains in Germantown with help from three of the winners and 18 volunteers!

Check out some of the photos of the painting day.

Raven and Sylvia Lee

The contest was hosted in partnership with the UpCounty Regional Services Center in collaboration with the County’s Department of Transportation, Montgomery Parks, the Muddy Branch Alliance and Seneca Creek Watershed Partners.  The Storm Drain Art Contest helps educate people about litter issues.

The 2019 winners were selected from 14 entries by a panel of judges and the public.   The contest was open to County residents of all ages.

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