Celebrating the Army’s 49th commemoration of Earth Day in Adelphi

April 29, 2019
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The United States Army Garrison Adelphi Laboratory Center (ALC) is an active 207-acre U.S. Army research and development facility located in Adelphi, Maryland and is part of both Montgomery County and Prince George’s County.

The campus includes 40 buildings totaling 1.1 million square feet of space including research/laboratory facilities, utility plants, maintenance yards, fabrication shops, and administrative complexes.

The ALC’s mission is to support innovative science and technology by providing equitable service and infrastructure while optimizing resources, sustaining the environment, and enhancing the well-being of our workforce and community. To support that mission, the Army organizes a campus-wide Earth Day celebration each year.


Celebrating Earth Day

This year marked the Army’s 49th commemoration of celebrating Earth Day. At this event, ALC’s Environmental Division provided information on upcoming environmental projects on the base – for example, stormwater best management practices and pollinator gardens – for the over 1,600 employees.

The Environmental Division sets up displays with handouts ranging from “How to Build a Bat House”, “Detoxing your Home”, and “Protecting the Chesapeake Bay”.  The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection provided informational brochures on stormwater and other activities DEP supports, as well as popular native pollinator plant seeds.

Enjoying the Outdoors

The Environmental Division also conducts an annual Earth Day Walk to inform and show personnel pollinator plants, animal, reptile and amphibian species located on site and stormwater projects aimed at reducing pollution to the Chesapeake Bay.

On this year’s walk, participants saw a fox den and a couple Snapping Turtles—the largest freshwater turtle in Maryland—in a rainwater catchment pond. Border collies, including campus-favorite Bama, joined the walk to monitor their work, keeping the base Canadian Geese-free with safe and humane methods.


Written by Jamie Pierce, Environmental Engineer at the United States Army Garrison Adelphi Laboratory Center and member of the County’s Energy and Air Quality Advisory Committee (EAQAC)

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