Volunteer Champions: The Lewy Family

Lewy family at the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Lewy family at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade July 18, 2019
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The Lewy Family was recognized as Volunteer Family of the Year during DEP’s 20th Annual Recycling Achievement Ceremony. Find out more about The Lewy Family in our series, Volunteer Champions.


Super Family, Super Volunteers


Vivian and her son, Issac, a rising high school freshman and her twin daughters Adrienna and Brienna, rising 7th graders, didn’t become volunteer champions overnight. Vivian was on the lookout for volunteer opportunities for her close knit and civic minded family. She had a goal to engage her family in learning new skills, gaining exposure to new ideas, and getting involved in their community. Through her research, Vivian found great volunteer opportunities with DEP.


Lewy Family at a Rainey Stream Cleanup           Lewy Family at the St. Patrick's Day Parade


Over the past year, the Lewys have volunteered for: paper shredding events, the agricultural fair, painting storm drains, doing neighborhood stream cleanups (in the pouring rain!), Thanksgiving parade, St. Patrick’s Day parade, providing littering education, and canvassing neighborhoods to speak with residents about how to recycle right. WHEW!

Their favorite activities so far? Speaking with residents at the agricultural fair and handing out reusable bags.


Recycling Volunteer Family of the Year

In one year the Lewys have contributed 144 recycling volunteer hours and have no plans to slow down. Congratulations on being recognized as the Recycling Volunteer family of the Year. We look forward to many more hours (and years) of working with the Lewy family.


Vivian Lewy Accepting the Award for Recycling Volunteer Family of the Year


Contact DEP for volunteer opportunities at AskDEP@MontgomeryCountyMD.gov.

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