Scheduling a QHEC in Potomac Edison

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Did you know that there are three utility suppliers who provide electricity to residents in Montgomery County? Your utility is determined by where you live.

Potomac Edison serves the yellow and orange areas

If you live in Barnesville, Beallsville, Boyds, Browningsville, Cedar Grove Martinsburg, Clarksburg, Damascus, Dickerson, Hyattstown (Barnesville Sta.), Poolesville, Purdum, or Sellman your utility supplier is Potomac Edison, a FirstEnergy Company. Potomac Edison provides energy for nearly 400,000 people in Maryland and parts of West Virginia.

As with all of the utilities in Maryland, Potomac Edison is mandated to provide services to ratepayers through the EmPOWER Maryland Program. Some of these programs include the Quick Home Energy Checkup (QHEC). The difference is that Potomac Edison doesn’t assign you to a specific contractor when you call for a QHEC, you have to choose the contractor yourself and that can be difficult.

How do you find a contractor in Potomac Edison? 

Before you schedule your QHEC, you will want to find a contractor that serves your zip code. You can do this by either using the Potomac Edison convenient search tool to find a participating contractor or by calling 1-888-267-4685.

You can also find out who is a qualified contractor in this blog. Below, we have an updated list of all of the companies in Montgomery County so choosing a contractor that’s right for you will be a bit easier.

Alban Inspections
With offices in Fredrick and Bethesda, the company offers home inspections and QHECs. Call 301.662.6566 for information.Atlas Home Energy Solutions
Located in Frederick, the company’s mission is to help homeowners create high performance homes that are comfortable, energy efficient, healthy, and low maintenance. Log onto or call 301.364.5055 to schedule a QHEC.Energy Checkups MD
The company provides QHECs for buildings in the Potomac Edison service area and is located in Shepherdstown, WV. Log onto or call 304.676.2613 for details.

Since 2008, this Rockville-based company has used its multi-disciplinary team of energy auditors, general contractors and architects to help DMV-area homeowners. Log onto or call 240.396.2141 for more information.

Epic Home Solutions
Following the QHEC, the company provides homeowners with a complete report detailing your home’s problem areas and gives recommendations for improving comfort and indoor air quality. Log onto or call 301.842.7086 for more information.

Hot Shotz Thermal Imaging Services
Located in Clear Spring and Oakland, they provide qualitative and comprehensive energy evaluations to help increase your home’s energy efficiency. To schedule an appointment, log onto or call 240.321.5050.

Providing services for your home to help you save energy and money, this Laurel-based company provides home energy audits in the DMV area. Log onto or call 240.417.1670 for more information.

Potomac View Energy
Based in Sykesville, the QHECs includes a test for moisture leaks and using infrared cameras to identify hard-to-find air leakage, missing insulation, and more. Log onto or call 410.709.3469 for details.

Zerodraft Maryland
Start saving on your energy bill with a QHEC from this Towson-based company. Log onto or call 410.321.5936 for details.

What to expect from the QHEC

QHEC contractor and homeownerOnce you choose one, you will make an appointment for the QHEC, here is what to expect. An energy auditor will come to your home (apartment, condominium, or single-family home) to check its energy efficiency to make improvement recommendations that will help you save money by saving energy.

Auditors also let you know about any energy-saving programs you may be eligible for and may even install things like LED light bulbs, faucet aerators, water heater insulation and water-efficient showerheads. Most QHECs take less than an hour.

You can view segments from a QHEC, here:

By Kim Hodges and Felicia Hodges

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