You Have the Right to Go Solar

April 17, 2019
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Your HOA should respect your solar access rights

Everyone  should have the right to go solar on their property. Some states enshrine that right with solar access laws, which prohibit local governments and homeowners’ associations (HOAs) from preventing homeowners from going solar. Unfortunately, not every state has these laws; even in some that do, HOAs may still have outdated policies that block homeowners’ solar access and propagate solar myths about aesthetics and property values. Our guide can help you overcome HOA objections to your solar installation and to provide practical advice to make your HOA solar-friendly.

Infographic showing 7 action steps to reforming your HOA's solar policy

There are a few steps you should know and follow if you are part of an HOA and want to go solar. Listed are the steps to follow and you can find out the details here:

HOA Solar Action Guide cover photo.Step 1: Know your solar access law

Step 2: Learn about your HOA

Step 3: Make your case for solar access

Step 4: Get your pro-solar neighbors on board

Step 5: Meet with your HOA board

Step 6: Overcome solar access objections

Step 7: Celebrate your success and go solar!

If your board doesn’t raise objections, congratulations! You’re free to go solar and – more importantly – you’ve secured the right of future residents of your HOA to go solar as well. This situation represents one of the potential roadblocks to going solar in the U.S., and those barriers will only fall if we all make knocking them down a priority. We hope you’ll consider going solar with Solar United Neighbors, either by joining a solar co-op or as a member.

Adapted from Solar United Neighbors HOA Solar Action Guide

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