Announcing the 4th Solar Co-op!!!

May 22, 2020

Go Solar and Get EV Chargers with the 4th Solar Co-op!

This is the 4th year that Montgomery County has partnered to work with Solar United Neighbors to bring residents (and small businesses) an opportunity to put solar panels on their homes. This year we are also offering EV charging! So you can put solar on your house and install an EV charger or you can just put solar on your home or you can just participate by installing an EV charger.

Solar co-ops give you support through each stage of the solar process. Co-op participants leverage bulk-purchasing power to get discounted pricing and a quality installation, while still signing individual contracts that ensure the right system for your home.

Since our first Solar Co-op in 2016:

  • There have been 561 residents who have participated in the co-op and qualified to install solar panels on their homes. Of that, 240 residents have gone solar as a result of this process.
  • The average size system is about 9.31 kW DC which means about $5 million dollars has been spent on solar installations in the County.
    • Since installations are done by people, this is the equivalent of 40.29 solar jobs that were created and it
    • Over the 25 year expected lifetime of these systems, approximately 51 million pounds of carbon dioxide will be offset (the equivalent of the emissions from conventional electricity used in more than 3,900 homes for a year) and the expected savings in energy costs is more than 11 million dollars.

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Why Solar and EV Chargers this year?

 size solar energy system for electric vehicleSolar panels and electric vehicles are a match made it heaven,  according to Energy Sage, you install a solar energy system on your home, you can use it to both power your home and charge your electric car for emissions-free transportation.

The cost of solar is falling rapidly, and companies from Tesla to Nissan are manufacturing electric cars for your daily use. Now, the ability to install a solar PV system large enough to power both your home and your car is an option within reach. But even with incentives and rebates available for both technologies, most homeowners still can’t afford to install solar and buy an electric car at the same time. Luckily, it’s easy to install a solar energy system today that takes your future electricity consumption into account, if you take a few additional factors into consideration.

That’s why this year, we are hosting a solar and Electric Vehicle (EV) charger co-op. As with traditional solar co-ops, participants will work together to learn about solar technology and choose an installer through an open and competitive bidding process. They will also be able to purchase a level 2 EV charger either with their system or as a stand-alone installation.

About the Chargers

Level 2 chargers provide about 12 to 25 miles of charge per hour, depending on type of vehicle and power of the charging unit used. They require installation by a professional electrician and utilize a 240-volt outlet identical to a household clothes dryer. They can be installed in garages, on the side of buildings, or on pedestal mounts in parking lots for businesses. They charge three to six times faster than a level 1 charger that comes standard with electric cars. The cost of charging equipment can range from $500-$750. Installation costs typically run between $500-$1,000. Since a solar installer will have to do electrical work as part of installing a system, adding an EV charger at the same time can save on installation costs. Data collected by Solar United Neighbors finds solar homeowners are more likely to own an EV. And, EV owners are more likely to go solar to “fuel” their vehicle with the power from the sun. More than 1/3rd of solar homeowners in Solar United Neighbors’ network have an electric vehicle. Nationwide, about 1% of vehicle owners have electric vehicles.

Background on the Co-op

Co-op participants will select a single company to complete all the installations. They will then have the option to purchase panels, Level 2 chargers, or both individually based on the installer’s group rate. By going solar as a group and choosing a single installer, participants can save off the cost of going solar, and enjoy the support of fellow group participants and solar experts at Solar United Neighbors.

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9 comments on "Announcing the 4th Solar Co-op!!!"

  1. Ann/Robert Bullock says:

    We’re interested in Solar for our HOME, but we don’t have a solar vehicle. Is this event for people who are just interested in HOME solar?

    1. Larissa Johnson says:

      Thank you for that question Ann/Robert Bullock – this co-op is for anyone that is interested in putting solar panels on their roof and/or installing an EV charger. You can do either, or both. Please join us for a solar info session to learn more!

    2. You may want to plan ahead for an EV by installing a charger at these reduced rates and while incentives exist. Alternative: install a 240V plug in garage/carport while the electrical work is being done for the solar thereby future proofing your home.

      1. Larissa Johnson says:

        Great tip Joyce! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. R. Hughes says:

    Interested in having a solar canopy built at back of driveway to cover two cars, including a solar charger station. Possible?

    1. Larissa Johnson says:

      I would definitely suggest attending an informational session to find out what is possible. They will be listed on this page.

  3. Richard says:

    we don’t have a driveway. Is there a way we can do curbside EV recharging in MoCo?

    1. Larissa Johnson says:

      that is a great question Richard and Department of Permitting Services just created a set of guidelines for installing EV chargers:

  4. Great post!💯 Very informative! Thank you for this❗

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