Assess Your Home’s Energy Use and Increase Savings

March 1, 2020

Are you a Washington Gas customer? Interested in finding out how much money you could be saving on your utility bills? Washington Gas offers customers a customized Home Energy Profile assessment to discover potential cost savings for your home.  The survey takes five minutes to complete and offers an energy ranking, potential energy savings and recommendations. One of the recommendations that the Home Energy Profile survey profile provides is a free Energy Conservation Kit.

The kit consists of items that can be easily installed around the house such as a high-efficiency shower head, bathroom faucet aerator, self-adhesive door sweep and cell foam weather strip.

The online assessment provides the perfect opportunity for Maryland and Virginia residents to assess their home energy usage, and if eligible, enroll in the energy efficiency program to receive the conservation kit.

“Since rolling out the Home Profile Kit campaign, we’ve seen customers take tremendous strides in pursuing increased cost savings through the installation of these products,” said Kenisha Dennis, Marketing Supervisor of Energy Efficiency Programs at Washington Gas. “It is extremely rewarding to see the excitement among our customers and get them on track for even more energy savings.”

The Energy Conservation Kit campaign has become an exciting community effort to drive energy awareness and have customers take ownership in the process of implementing home energy-efficient improvements.

Save Even More Money. Get a Rebate from Washington Gas!
Take advantage of this tool and save even more with high-efficiency rebates from Washington Gas. Through the Washington Gas Maryland Existing Home Program, Maryland customers can take advantage of natural gas equipment rebates. To qualify, eligible equipment must be purchased and installed by a qualified participating contractor in the Washington Gas EmPOWER Contractor Network. Get started by visiting

Discover your cost savings potential by taking the Washington Gas Home Energy Profile assessment.

Submitted by: Danielle Osman, Marketing Specialist with Washington Gas

4 comments on "Assess Your Home’s Energy Use and Increase Savings"

  1. Joseph Leach says:

    very good step to energy efficiecy

    1. Larissa Johnson says:

      We think so too Joseph! Thank you for reading and commenting, please let us know if you have any stories or suggestions you would like to share, we love to have guest bloggers/writers!

  2. Suraj Singh says:

    Great steps towards the energy

    1. Larissa Johnson says:

      We think so too Suraj, these are all great tips to help reduce energy usage and that way your utility bills are super high!

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