Calling all artists and climate justice activists!

September 24, 2020

Calling all artists and climate justice activists! Montgomery County is hosting a competition for artwork to be featured in the county’s climate action plan. What photos, drawings, poems, digital art, and memes (yes, we meant it, memes) invoke the need to protect your community from climate change? Help us to harness your creativity to sound the alarm about the climate emergency. Art is an incredibly important tool that will engage all county residents from a variety of backgrounds. Through this contest, we hope to reach those who might not have previously been engaged in the climate planning process, especially those from marginalized backgrounds who will be disproportionately impacted by changes in climate.

Artists may choose to submit your work into any of the following categories relating to climate change and climate justice:

1. Engage! — What is the connection between community and climate?

2. Sound the Climate Alarm! — Capture the emergency of climate change.

3. Adaptation and Resilience — How can our community adapt to a rapidly changing world?

4. Environmental/Climate Justice and Racial Equity — Capture the inequalities exacerbated by climate change and highlight the voices of the historically marginalized.

5. Future Vision of Montgomery County — What will the County look like in 2035 if we meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals in an equitable way? We especially encourage submissions of digital art to create future landscapes, concept art, and your utopias.

Please note that winners of the contest will receive $100, and any entries in the art contest may be featured on Montgomery County’s climate change plan and other County materials.

Additionally, we encourage submissions in ALL languages in order to reflect the diversity of experience in our community.

To enter the contest, please read the official rules (PDF, 455KB) and send your entry to In addition to submitting your entry by email, you can choose to post it on Instagram with the hashtag #MCClimateAction. The contest rules are also translated below.

Deadline for the contest is Sunday, January 31, 2021, although early submissions encouraged. Only original artwork will be accepted.


Contest Rules

Contest Rules – Chinese (PDF, 445KB)

Contest Rules – French (PDF, 202KB)

Contest Rules – Korean (PDF, 330KB)

Contest Rules – Spanish (PDF, 261KB)

Contest Rules – Vietnamese (PDF, 306KB)

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