Clean Water Art Contest Winners!

June 6, 2020
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Every year we host an art contest to help us with educating Montgomery County residents on the importance of protecting our communities and local waters – our rivers and streams.  The goal is to educate everyone that everything that ends on sidewalks, roads, yards, any hard surface on the ground can eventually flow to our streams and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.

We are always happy to see how creative Montgomery County residents are and their passion for protecting our communities and local waters! Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry for your wonderful art!

This year, we received 17 entries and had participants of all ages from all over Montgomery County!


Winners of the 2020 Clean Water Art Contest by category

Clean Water Category

Clean Water Category


Artist: Michelle Yu,

Artist Statement: My artwork signifies how everything that goes into the storm drains end up in our rivers and streams, or the ‘roots’ of our community.  Without these waterways, who knows if our communities would even exist?  My drawing helps remind people that whatever goes down the drain goes directly into our rivers.  It’s up to us to keep them clean.



Environment and Youth

Environment and Youth


Artist: Paige Laczek

Artist Statement: Healthy water ensures healthy wildlife, which helps humans.





Fight Litter

Fight Litter

Artist: Trisha Raghuram

Artist Statement: My artwork’s goal is to raise awareness about the importance of picking up pet waste.  Pet waste if not picked up, it’s carried by rainwater directly into our local water bodies. Pet waste contains harmful bacteria.




People’s Choice

The people’s choice!  

Artist:Melissa Bloch Menschik

Artist Statement: Art promotes litter awareness and need to clean up your own trash.




The winners will eventually see their art either painted at pre-approved storm drains or on outreach material developed by our Department to include ads to be displayed at a variety of locations including social media! In addition, all entrants still have a chance to see their art displayed and shared on the annual coloring book!

Again, thank you to everyone that submitted an entry and Congratulations to the winners.

We would like to thank the many organizations that helped with the contest! Thank you for sharing and helping with judging the art.

  • Arts in the Block
  • Audubon Naturalist Society
  • City of Rockville
  • East County Regional Center
  • Montgomery Parks
  • Montgomery County Department of Transportation
  • Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection
  • One Montgomery Green


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