DEP’s Earth Month Goes Online!

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April 1, 2020
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Celebrate the 50th-Anniversary of Earth Day


DEP Earth Day LogoThis year, Earth Month events are going to look a little different as we stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are bringing you a month full of fun at-home activities using online tools to bring you a VIRTUAL Earth Month. This year, we’re celebrating Earth Month with a focus on four themes: Be Helpful, Be Kind, Be Active, and Be Creative.

Check out the resources below and share with your friends and family. We’ll keep this page updated with the latest.

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Words from Adam

Adam Ortiz, Director of Montgomery County’s Dept. of Environmental Protection, shares his thoughts in this home-made video on the first day of Earth Month.



Be Helpful

Find ways to lend a green helping hand.

Children's Recycling GameSpring Cleaning
Now is a great time to clean out the clutter in your home. A lot of the household goods and clothes can be donated. Set those aside and feel good about keeping usable materials out of the waste stream.

Environmental Footprint Calculator
You’re good at recycling, but how good? Calculate your environmental impacts!

Home Energy Hacks
Make your home energy efficient and keep money in your pocket. Check us out on YouTube.

Children’s Recycling Game
Learn how to recycle and recycle right! Use your new skills to sort and dispose of recyclables at your house.



Be Kind

Be kind to yourself, to our neighbors and our environment.

MoCo MadeFood Waste Challenge
We can all continue to physical distance and take action on food waste for Earth Day at the same time!

Green Cleaning Products
Looking for a safe, chemical-free way to make your home spotless? Check your cabinets! These everyday household items double as germ-busting superstars.

Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide
Support local green businesses. This year’s Guide lists over 70 MoCo Made food and beverage producers and farmers, with products ranging from honey to craft beverages to artisanal meats and more.

Green Certified Businesses
Support local green businesses. Search for our certified green businesses.

DIY Face Mask
Sew your own face mask to reduce the chance of transmitting the coronavirus to others.



Be Active

Enjoy time indoors or out while observing social distancing.

Dog Walking on LawnOrganic Lawn Care
We each have our own lawn care style — some are protective (mow, mow, mow!), while others take a more laid back approach. No matter your style, there are ways to reduce the environmental impact of your lawn care practices.

Scavenger Hunt
Go on a scavenger hunt in your own backyard!

Stormwater Geocaching
Geocaching is a family-friendly outdoor scavenger hunt using GPS coordinates to search for and locate hidden containers called geocaches. Please follow CDC guidelines.

Backyard Nature Activities
Fun and easy-to-do nature activities in your own backyard.



Be Creative

There are many ways to be creative right from your own home.

Clean Water Art ContestGreenhouse Gas Experiment
Teach your child about the Greenhouse Effect with these simple experiments.

Clean Water Coloring Book
Follow along in our clean water journey through color!

Clean Water Art Contest
Use your creative skills to spread the word to stop litter and other pollution from ending up in our environment and eventually ending up in our waterways!

Recycling Activity Books
Activity books for children living in single family homes and multi-family buildings features information, plus a word search, picture hunt, coloring page, secret message decode, craft ideas, and a maze.

Chalk Art
You can create art with chalk indoors and outdoors! Here’s a list of native Maryland plants for inspiration!

Recycled Crafts
Check out Pinterest for some great recycled craft ideas!

#EarthDay Craft Ideas!
Check out our ever updated list of arts and crafts you can do with materials you already have at home.



Coming Soon!

Ask the Expert
Get your questions answered by a DEP expert.

Video Tutorials
Learn how to create art from recycled materials or recycle right.

Speaker Series
Join our partners and discuss environmental issues in Montgomery County.

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