Interested in replacing your lawn with a meadow?

February 7, 2020
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Interested in replacing your lawn with a meadow?

Our friends at University of Maryland have advice on establishing a meadow and increasing the habitat on your property for pollinators and wildlife. Many people underestimate the time and effort that can go into establishing and maintaining a meadow and go too big too early. Start small and take year to observe the plants to learn how to properly care for your meadow before expanding it. Use native plants which will be the best suited to this area’s climate and benefit the environment and ecosystem more than non-native plants. A good nursery will be able to assist you with ordering the right native plants for your project.

We recommend starting in the backyard, keeping a tidy, maintained border around it, and communicating your intent with your neighbors. A well-defined border around your meadow will serve to both help keep out weeds and to show that the meadow is intentional. Don’t forget to tidy up each year, and beat back any invasive weeds, to keep it looking well cared for. Always keep plants from hanging over into a sidewalk, road, or neighboring properties and keep them from blocking any street signs.

If you are just getting started, follow these great step-by-step instructions for establishing your meadow.

One comment on "Interested in replacing your lawn with a meadow?"

  1. Joel Teitelbaum says:

    We also may want to establish a front-yard ‘meadow’, and substantially improve yard drainage and upgrade our backyard ‘Rain Garden’.
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