Lawn Haiku–2020 winners and free coloring book!

April 22, 2020
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Thank you to the 25 poets who entered our lawn haiku competition! Please enjoy our downloadable coloring book, featuring the winning haikus on the coloring pages, and a feature page of a haiku from each of the poets. Some poets wrote up to 5 haikus, and we were really impressed! A random drawing of names was pulled, and Trisha R will be the lucky recipient of a coloring book from us, shipped  via “Bookshop” which helps support small bookstores by ordering through them. Be sure to check out Bookshop for new books, or Second Story Books for out of print and used books! And keep up the creativity, with haikus, writing, drawing, dancing, singing, making music, crafting, and of course enjoy our new coloring book! If you don’t have a printer, drop us a line at and we’ll get one printed and sent to you.

One comment on "Lawn Haiku–2020 winners and free coloring book!"

  1. Joel Teitelbaum says:

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