Introducing the #MontgomeryPlogs Challenge!

September 16, 2020
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In celebration of Storm Water Awareness Week, October 18-24, 2020, Montgomery Energy Connection will launch the   #MontgomeryPlogs Challenge in partnership with the Montgomery County Watershed Restoration, a program of Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.

What the PLOG?! Plog, yes, PLOG!

Plogging is a wacky way of saying “pick up litter while you jog or walk”. Plogging was invented by Swedish outdoorsman and environmentalist Erik Ahlström. The phrase plogging comes from plocka, the Swedish word for pick up. Plogging is an eco-friendly exercise that involves picking up trash while jogging or walking as a way to clean up litter while also taking care of your health.

Are you up to the #MontgomeryPlogs Challenge?

Our social media campaign, #MontgomeryPlogs will go live from October 18th – 24th, 2020 and be featured on the Montgomery Energy Connection Instagram(@mcenergyconnection) account and MCDEP accounts. Simply share a photo of your plogging in Montgomery County to be entered in a drawing to receive a Plog-Along Pack! Drawings will be held daily for the first week (October 18 – October 24, 2020) and then continue monthly through August 2021.

To be eligible, you must either tag our account (@mcenergyconnection) or use our hashtag #MontgomeryPlogs when you share your photos on Instagram. You can also submit your photos to (or click the ‘Email’ button in our profile).

What’s the objective you ask?

To raise awareness about stormwater pollution while providing Montgomery County residents a fun opportunity to help clean up litter from streams, stormwater ponds, etc. The #MontgomeryPlogs Challenge is a campaign meant to continue after the kick-off week, the idea is to incentivize people to make picking up litter a habit to prevent stormwater pollution

Wonder what’s in the Plog-Along Pack?

Guess you will have to join the #MontogmeryPlogs Challenge to find out!

We can show you one item: The Original Plogging Bag!

So, won’t you please PLOG with US?!

One comment on "Introducing the #MontgomeryPlogs Challenge!"

  1. Joel Teitelbaum says:

    I pick up litter in Park (Lyttonsville/Rosemary Hills Local Park) near my home every time I walk through it – approximately 5x per week. But, it is disheartening to observe many Park users negligently dropping waste litter including food containers and bottles along Park Trails, next to Park Benches, and on Park playing fields they use frequently or occasionally – despite Large lidded Waste containers situated clearly along Parks Trails and adjacent to playing fields in many Parks. Litter is often dropped on or along sidewalks and streets in neighborhoods and at edges of County Recreation Centers and free parking lots. I am constantly surprised and chagrined at how casual people are about littering, including dropping used/dirty Corona Virus masks on the paved Trails. Park signage does virtually nothing to deter such careless Littering. I feel a coordinated Parks Department and County (Transportation, Recreation Departments/DEP/MCPS) anti-Littering/education campaign is essential with timely inspections/ assessment of Fines/banned use of Parks playing fields on individuals and Sport Team groupings caught littering.

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