Partners in Energy: Senior Planet Montgomery

December 5, 2020

One person can make a difference and this series profiles a leader, advocate, or resident who is dedicated to improving energy efficiency and helping the county realize its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100% by the year 2035. Find out more about them in their own words.

This installment highlights Senior Planet Montgomery’s new Program Coordinator. Through virtual workshops online Senior Planet offers sessions for older adults focused on user-friendly tools and resources so residents can utilize energy-saving technologies to improve their daily lives. There are many ways technology can improve or assist energy conservation–whether it’s monitoring your energy usage, paying your utility bill online, or finding energy inefficiencies in your home. If you’d like to learn more, don’t miss out on an upcoming Senior Planet Montgomery lecture or workshop near you!

My Green Montgomery: When did you first become interested in energy and climate change? 

Noah O’Ryan: When I was a kid I had a subscription to National Geographic Kids, and I remember reading an article on solar-powered cars. I thought that was super cool and liked that cars wouldn’t “stink” anymore. I also loved that it ran off the sun. It almost sounded like magic.  I think that interest has only grown with the realization that these develops will help us in combating man-made climate change.

MGM: What do you like most about living in Montgomery County?

NO: The library. I love reading and the opportunity to grab almost any book imaginable is too good to be true. And it’s free? Unbelievable.

MGM: If you could be a renewable energy source, which would one would you be?

NO:  I would be solar power. I get to lounge about and absorb the warmth of the sun. Sounds lovely.

MGM: What has been your proudest accomplishment when it comes to energy or water savings?

NO: In the past year I’ve installed a new shower head, and faucets in the house along with some energy saving power strips. That alone has cut a lot of my energy usage, so I’m happy to be doing my part and saving a bit of money!

MGM: What green projects are you working on now in your home or community?

NO: I’m working on installing a rain barrel for my parents so that they can water their plants.

MGM: What’s your favorite way to save energy in your home?

NO: Turning down the heat, crawling under some blankets, and enjoying a warm cup of tea.

MGM: What’s one thing you’d like to share with your neighbors about energy efficiency?

NO: The little things really do add up. Put some new LED bulbs in, get a new shower head. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make and not just benefit your wallet, but your community as a whole.

2 comments on "Partners in Energy: Senior Planet Montgomery"

  1. sylvia diss says:

    Is there any one in the county with whom I can consult regarding retrofitting my fifty year old house?

    1. Larissa Johnson says:


      My recommendation would be to have a Home Performance Audit done at your home, you can find more information here: – you will contact your utility supplier to schedule the audit and then they will be able to provide energy efficiency suggestions.

      Hope that works.

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